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In which ways has globalization affected China - Essay Example

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Globalization is a necessary process that the whole globe should embrace. Language globalization, legal globalization, cultural globalization and even economic globalization are some of the dimensions that globalization may be experienced. …
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In which ways has globalization affected China
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Download file to see previous pages Scholars believe that it is necessary for these changes to be absorbed but with so much caution. Of late, globalization has become a global issue that involves the transformation of the society in several dimensions. China has undergone massive transformation politically, economically and technically. Political globalization involves the use of common political systems and same political principles in governing1. These factors affect the whole globe and have affected migration, flow of capital, foreign investments, and spread of technological advances. From the understanding that globalization has its roots in China, this paper gives a detailed analysis on the positive impact it has had to the country. Effects of globalization Globalization is a necessary factor in every economy. Technological globalization in china has led to expanded market for its national products. The creation of markets all over the globe earns the country foreign exchange and this helps in developing a country’s welfare. Technological globalization has effected easy, fast and reliable means of communication to individuals allover the globe. Information can reach many individuals in less time and can cover large geographical areas2. It is due to technological globalization that china has been able to invest in manufacturing industry. This has acted as a major factor in contributing growth in the Japan economy. Exportation of manufactured goods like machineries and vehicles generates much capital to an economy compared to exportation of primary good such as food materials and fabrics. Cultural globalization in china has enhanced the spread of different cultures allover the world, and this has bought solidarity despite different skin colour, races, and languages. The togetherness helps reduce on cases of wars and therefore, people can be able to join efforts for development of the whole globe. Globalization has dissolved national geographical boundaries and enhanced communication services for people despite the distance barriers. China has offered jobs to many people allover the world, and this has ensured that there is peaceful co-existence and decline in dependency level. Poverty can contribute to conflicts, and jobs in china give people the ability to cater for their primary needs. It has therefore helped China deal with its greatest challenge on unemployment that has significantly spurred growth of the economy. Globalization has led to improvement in the output of other sectors within the economy. It has improved agricultural production through adaptation of new farming methods. These new methods are more effective and reliable as compared to the traditional methods. China has also improved the quality of their products by use of hybrid varieties that can withstand many environmental challenges like drought. This has made it possible to deal with hunger calamities and therefore, curbing the number of deaths due to hunger3. A healthy nation is also able to produce more and labour becomes easy to acquire. For any society to develop, the citizens collaborate with the government for back up in financing and security issues. Increase in agricultural output has led to exportation of the excess quantities to other states in the globe hence giving china a share in the world trade. National income is likely to rise after exporting its products due to the use of new farming methods that come along with globalization. The new seeds and the new farming techniques spread globally to ensure that the food crisis can be dealt with. This reduces the world’s mortality4. Development of new towns in china is as an effect of globalization. These towns develop to serve as a base for new industries, increased commercial activities and to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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