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The pursuit of religious freedom has not been a perfect road. While it makes sense to forbid public handling of snakes in order to preserve the welfare of those involved, dictating how family is constructed seems heavy handed and filled with prejudice.
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Religious Freedom: A Freedom that is not Fully Established
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Download file to see previous pages This does not inherently mean that people may practice any religion that they desire in any manner that suits them. The government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion, although actions by the Supreme Court have generated controversy over that right. This freedom has been one of the cornerstone beliefs in the expression of freedom and rights of citizens within the nation; it is not expressly given that religion may be practiced in any way desired within the territory of the United States.
The practice of religion has been forbidden in the United States within the framework of some of the forms that have been considered as those which are against the common good. The practices that are restricted are often dangerous or against social policy and are founded on basic principles of human interaction that define American society. Although it has been considered a basic right, the right to worship has not been liberally given in the First Amendment and a protection against governmental interference has not clearly established.
The First Amendment provides a few basic conditions through which the government and the people have created a relationship in which the freedom to believe, express, and exist within the nation is guaranteed through certain rights that provide for security from persecution for those expressions or beliefs. In relationship to religion, the First Amendment provides conditions in which the government cannot establish a religion for the people and cannot prevent them from believing what they might choose. Religion is based upon the individual’s right to believe and not on sanctioned beliefs from the government. The Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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