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What were the most important successes and failures in Catherine the Greats foreign policy - Essay Example

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Throughout history, Russia gets the picture of a regressive horde of barely enlightened people on the border of barbarism. Before the nineteenth century, dreams of secularism and science grasped Europe, and Russian Czars, coming to senses of how behind Muscovite culture was, hunted for knowledge, attempting to transform Russian society…
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What were the most important successes and failures in Catherine the Greats foreign policy
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"What were the most important successes and failures in Catherine the Greats foreign policy"

Download file to see previous pages Catherine II was one of these heroes. Born in 1729, she faced various challenges, which propelled to her, to pursue various aspirations. She got acknowledgment from her father due to her bright abilities such, as reading and being able to remember the ideas taught. As a qualification, she received formal education after, which she got married to the Grand Duke Peter of Holstein, an heir of Russian throne. This is because during the time women faced negativity to gain education with only few allowed. Catherine was successful in her foreign policies particularly the friendly relations with Prussia. (Madareaga 1998, pp. 44). It is in this regards that the paper attempts to analyze various achievements and failures Catherine demonstrated and experienced in the process of applying her foreign policy. Catherine the great reigned from 1762 to 1996 and during the period, her foreign policies made various changes to both Russia and other countries. Her reputation, which did not only make her earn the name, “enlightened despot” also made get the name of the, “great”....
This becomes one of Catherine’s most achievements in the application of foreign trade policies. Consequently, she was able to conduct two Turkish wars with the help of able diplomats and generals (Donnels 1997, pp. 79). This was a considerable considering her feminine nature as well as the economic depression the country faced by the time. Another foreign policy employed by Catherine was in Poland in conjunction with Austria and Prusia. During the time, of her ruling Poland lay midst of the three powers. The country suffered from many problems in the 18thcentury mainly connected to poor leadership. This is because they had an elected king rather than a hereditary king, which caused fractious nobility of the population. In addition, the country developed multinational and multi-confessional masses dividing the population into various groups that one could conquer easily. Settling on the weaknesses, Catherine employed her foreign policy teaming up with other stakeholders to control a third of Poland’s population. She got this extraordinary achievement during the time by conquering Poland. Despite a constitution, arising which protected Poland as a state she did not relent dividing Poland out of existence in 1793 and 1791 (Madareaga 1998, pp. 24). When the Turks declared war on Russia, 25 September/6 October 1768, the Russian envoy refused to remove Russian troops from Poland and got locked in the Castle of the Seven Towers. Thus, Catherine’s policy in Poland led to a civil war that irritated was with Ottoman Turkey. Though Catherina articulated her surprise at the Turkish pronouncement of war, she was eager for soldierly glory against what she painstaking a feeble rival. In July ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Were the Most Important Successes and Failures in Catherine the Essay.
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