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Human Rights According to Adolf Hitler - Essay Example

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A new society, formed mainly by the middle class and based on capitalism, was struggling to be born. This new society prized rights and property over hereditary birth, regional over national government, contractual over class relationships” (Marx web). This statement has significant implication of both the modern France and Germany…
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Human Rights According to Adolf Hitler
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Download file to see previous pages The Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany depict authorities that struggled to their death as new states were born. This paper will therefore compare and contrast excerpts from Hitler’s speech and French national assembly declaration of human rights.
The definition of human rights has raised numerous controversies in the new era of democracies (Docker 121). It is evident that every regime has its own definition of human rights. In addition, different countries or governments cannot share their ideologies concerning human rights. For instance, the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were initiated in the disguise of human rights. According to the Americans, toppling authoritarian Taliban led regime was a way of promoting human rights in Afghanistan. However, the move might not have had a similar implication to the Afghan people. Similarly, the two excerpts demonstrate the conflicting views of human rights according to Hitler and the French national assembly declaration of man and human rights. According to Adolf Hitler, human right should be an aspect of survival. Thus, every individual should struggle to ensure that he or she lives according to his own definition of human rights.
Hitler believed that “The fundamental motif [theme] through all the centuries has been the principle that force and power are the determining factors...
This indicates that citizens need to understand their rights for the government to be able to implement human rights on its citizens. According to the extract on the French national assembly human rights declaration, “the assembly was organized believing that ignorance, neglect or contempt of the rights of man is the main cause of public misfortune.” This indicates that the French believed in the self-made human rights while the Nazi Germans believed in a regime sustained human rights. Hitler’s’ elimination of the Jewish people was inspired by his definition of human rights (Quist-Adade web). His involvement in World War I was a symbol of his devotion to the human rights of the Germans. Although Hitler came into power through democratic elections, he did not believe that the people had the rights to choose their leaders through elections. His support for a democratic election was a scheme to gain control of the country. After gaining power, Hitler imposed a dictatorial authority over Germany until his death in April 1945. Hitler’s speech indicates his resistance towards democracy. In fact, Hitler can be described as a symbol of anti-democracy. On the other hand, the French national assembly of human right supports democracy. The assembly supports a people driven democracy or democracy that is based on people’s understanding of their human rights. On the other hand, Hitler considered the regime as the paramount determinant of human right. Thus, a regime has the right to impose its own definition of democracy on the people. However, from the French national assembly on human rights, the citizens are vital in the formation of a government. Thus “ they saw government as a creation of the people, when the social contract had been broken, then the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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