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What lead Orestes Brownson to coin the term Manifest Destiny - Research Paper Example

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Religion for many centuries offered different “school of thoughts” which scholars also term as "truth-claims”, hence a feeling of being an American…
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What lead Orestes Brownson to coin the term Manifest Destiny
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Extract of sample "What lead Orestes Brownson to coin the term Manifest Destiny"

Download file to see previous pages Orestes Brownson, is considered to be a founding father of one “school of thought”, as he declared out of all of the states of the Western Hemisphere, the America only had a “destiny.” This meant that America as he saw it had been chosen to do marvellous things in the history of humanity. Thus, the Manifest Destiny concept is based on the idea that America had a divine providence. However, there were concerns that were cropping up, which seemed to challenge this notion and slavery was the main issue. It raised issues on whether they should be allowed into the territories and the impact it could have on America being the divine destiny. Various aspects such as that of George Bancroft, of The American Republic stipulates that the state originates in man's social nature and derives its rights, not from consent or agreement of individuals, or the surrender of the rights of individuals, but, under God, from society itself, and therefore has for its mission to protect and defend the rights on one hand of society, and an individual. There is no society without individuals, but there are no individuals without society George Bancroft (1866). George (1866), continues to state that Orestes, though believing in theme of society, he had difficulty with this concept of the "people" as it was not always clear who the people" were, or who were to be recognized as their legitimate or illegitimate spokesmen. George (1866) continues to state that, there was unease of an apotheosis of a people that was together, which was the origin of "socialism." George states that as, “...for if the society, were great or supreme in the best sense, the final court of questions, assertion of individual liberty in the face of the democratic nation would not exist.” On America as a Nation, Orestes Brownson believed that Countries can be viewed as individuals from a big picture or scale, have life, sense of individuality, reason, a mind of their own and same law that govern development and growth or even decay as a person. Moreover, a nation had to know itself, understand why it exists, power that it has faculties, rights and destiny. This meant that a nation provided sub-categories, that made it whole. The Mission of the nation, according to Orestes, meant that: “Every living nation has an idea given it by Providence to realize, and whose realization is its special work, mission, or destiny. Every nation is, is some sense, a chosen people of God. It mean that the Jews were considered to be the the chosen people of God, from whom the tradition were to remain until the messiah came back. History did not save its mission, and as far as they are known, they have contributed to the development or issues such as corruption of religion and civilization. Despotism is barbaric and abnormal.” Orestesbrownson online (2009). Another issue that Orestes found necessary for the nation to be a manifest destiny was the need to understand the constitution. This was because the constitution of America being defective. He argued that if the states that had slaves was as a simple agreement, then they would never prosper. However, the issue was How to assert union, without there being consolidation and state rights without disintegration. Moreover, the nation had to have a nature for it to be a government. He believed that; The nature or essence of government is to govern. A government that does not govern is simply no government at all. If it has not the ability to govern and governs not it may be an agency, an instrument in the hands of individuals for advancing their private interests, but it is not government. To be government it must govern both individuals and the community. If it is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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