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Modern chinese history - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code THE MODERN HISTORY OF CHINA Introduction With over 4,000 years of documented history, China is one of the few modern nations that al thrived both economically and in culture during the early years of world civilization…
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Modern chinese history
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Download file to see previous pages Attempts by barbarians like the Manchu who earlier made contact with China did not have any influence on their way of life and instead got assimilated into the Han Chinese culture. The silk industry for example, has been part of China’s heritage for the last 5000 years and the mystery of its leadership had been unknown for centuries. The recently opened forbidden city that had for hundreds of years been the emperors residences and not accessible by any members of the public for the past 500 years is an example of how tightly guarded the Chinese civilization was and has been. The seclusion from the outside world has been possible over the centuries has facilitated the development of Chinese culture but posed a challenge to this populous nation in the mid 19th century as nations that had made huge technological advancement confronted China. As a result of this confrontation, China faced huge challenges a midst foreign onslaught and this led to a revolution that started in early 20th century that culminated to the establishment of a communist government in 1949.These series of events shaped the political aspect of china and has made it gain much influence in the modern world. The early governance of China was mainly encompassed on the aspect of Dynasties that ruled the state for many centuries since the early 1600-1046BC. The evidence of the existence of the first dynasty was proved by archaeological evidence which established that the Shang Dynasty of 1600-1046BC, was the first Chinese Dynasty, the information shows that this early Chinese society mainly majored in use of bronzes objects, massive ritual vessels and chariots. The information gives a clear indication that the Shang society was sophisticated and well organised with established societal structures. The Zhou, who had been their western neighbours since 1046 to 256BC, later conquered this early dynasty. The Qin dynasty was established and it had much influence on the then society of china, the reign was acknowledged as the name China is derived from Qin. The dynasty was founded by Shihuangdi who ruled as the emperor and was regarded as a cruel tyrant even though he helped shape modern China by bringing up changes in the administration of his reign. The major achievements of his majesty Shihuandgi included the following: a. He established boundaries, which became the traditional territory of China. b. He developed networks of highways and unified a number of existing fortifications in the Great Wall of China. c. He also managed to establish a proper and basic administrative system that all succeeding dynasties followed over the next 2,000 years. The Han became the next Chinese dynasty after the death of Shihuandgi, this dynasty established much influence in the then China and it even led Chinese being regarded as Han to denote a Chinese. This reign was military capable and fought under the leadership of Han Wudi against its northern nomad neighbour, the Xiongnu as they took control of the eastern portion of the Silk Road, a trading route which was allowed them to sell goods as far away as Rome. Han was able to develop and establish China’s civil service system. This dynasty of Han fell apart during the first half of the 20th century after which the old system of China gradually disintegrated and turbulent preparations were made to lay down a new society. This old traditional governance was undermined by many foreign political philosophies; these critics gave rise to a need for nationalism, which became a very strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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