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Modern British Politics/The Politics of Global Europe/ Answers for Seminar questions - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Q.1 A. intuitionalism is a branch of social science that use institutions as an area of study, so that they can measure, find and traces sequences and patterns of political, social and economic status that change across space and time…
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Modern British Politics/The Politics of Global Europe/ Answers for Seminar questions
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Download file to see previous pages New institution is useful in determining how social institutions interact in the society. Institutional economics studies the economic issues that affect various institutions. D. orthodoxy is one of the better alternatives to institutionalism. Q.2 a. Britain has been undergoing constitution reform since 1997. The reforms has been both piecemeal and radical in the democratic world, the process can be seen to be unique. This is because the reforms have been converting the uncodified constitution into a codified form. However, this is always done in stages. The reform also aims at creating more seats in the upper house. Britain is now in the process of creating a constitution that is deliberately dependent on human agency. B. if I had the power to make reforms in the one major reform that I would make is the police reforms. This is to enable the country to have better law-keeping servants. These servants must not take bribes and harass people anyhow. Q.3 A. Parliament has been given several mandates. It scrutinizes the work of the government through thorough examining and challenging ways. It is responsible for legislation i.e. passing of laws. Parliament has the mandate to enable the government raise tax from the public. B. these changes are effective since these help in controlling the work of the government and challenges it if there is any negligence from the government. It has also made tax collection to be effective and the control the use of the money by the government. C. the scandal improved the House of Commons because many members who used the government funds were imprisoned. d. the reforms that should be made in the House of Lord include changing the method of election, increase the number of members and discuss more on chamber powers. Q. 4 A. representative democracy is where citizens of a particular country have freedom to elect people whom are going to help them, make decisions in the parliament. b. Britain is a representative country. British people vote for their representatives in every five years. C. the biasness in British representation comes about when a representative gives ideas for the majority in the society leaving out ideas from the minority groups. Biasness also occurs when a representative listen to the views from the people he or she knows that they voted for him or her. The other people who did who voted for the person who did not win are not represented at all. D. this biasness does not matter because all members in the public should be represented equally. E. the bases include: gender marital status ethnicity sex age education religion class F. the rank is as follows: 1. territory 2. class 3. gender 4. race This is due to the way each of them is represented by the votes. G. other bases should be added. This is to ensure that everyone in the country is represented well. Q.5 A. media frames public opinion in many ways. Media selects information that they know the public want to hear and deliver the information at an angle they know the public is going to like. This changes what the minds of people especially what they think about an issue that is arising in the society. C. the modern media is good for democracy. This is because the government does not control modern media that much as compared to the old media. In modern media like Face book, the users are free to use and they can air anything that they feel like saying to their friends. The government does not restrict this. D. media is acting as a political actor. New media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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