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US Policy toward the Kazakhstan - Term Paper Example

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Kazakhstan which is known to be the heart of Central Asia played a very important role with respect to the world economy and politics. Both Kazakhstan and Central Asia present opportunities which are very complicated and dangerous for the major powers in the world.
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US Policy toward the Kazakhstan
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Download file to see previous pages From the very beginning United States had brought down some set of objectives in Central Asia, and had stuck these ideas to Kazakhstan, for this reason Kazakhstan remained the heart of Central Asia forever (Legvold, 82). The first country to recognize Kazakhstan was United States and this recognition took place on December 25, 1991. Since then a very strong bond had developed between these two countries (Kazakhstan). The administrations of United States starting from George H.W Bush to Clinton had made strategic decisions to achieve their goals (Legvold, 67).
U.S. Policy
According to President Obama main motive of Kazakhstan is to make sure that the country is well developed and stabilization is maintained in political sphere of the nation. According to the administration, Kazakhstan has made remarkable progress, and this was possible as U.S. had supported them throughout and finally the country gained independence in the year 1991 and could achieve their goals. For FY2012, U.S. government had helped to strengthen Kazakhstan as a strategic partner. The Obama administration had helped in launching annual bilateral consultations on various financial and political issues with Kazakhstan. The first meeting took place in Washington, DC, in the month of March 2010 and the second meeting took place in Astana which is Kazakhstan’s capital. ...
The two leaders also decided various other ways by which Kazakhstan would help Afghanistan expand their transportation network in the northern region. President Obama also decided to continuously support the efforts of the government of Kazakhstan and helped in liberalizing its media and smoothen its political system with the help of legal reforms. Furthermore keeping in mind Obama’s interest in Kazakhstan, a consulate general named Almaty was opened (Nichol, 12-13). Economic Development of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is one of the most financially developed nations of the Central Asian Republics. A major portion of the GDP is generated by two sectors that are Oil and Gas. Kazakhstan has been ranked sixth in the field of producing wheat, and it is also known to be the major exporter of wheat in the world. Around 33% of the population lies below the poverty line. President Nazarbayev had launched a plan to create a financially well developed, educated and self-sufficient country within 2030.Again in 2005 he proposed to bring Afghanistan within the top 50 developed countries of the world in the next ten years. He emphasized on restoring tax and budgetary policies and paid more attention to developing the manufacturing sector so that the GDP growth not solely depends on the Oil and Gas sectors. In the year 2010, President Nazarbayev proposed a five year plan to give a big push to the industrial sector, in order to reach their goal as planned for 2030 (Nichol, 7-8). The Kazakhstan Massacre December 16, 2011 could have been one of the most memorable days for the people of Afghanistan as the nation became independent on that very day. But inspite of being a day of celebration, it was transformed into a doom’s day. Due to the Kazakhstan Massacre, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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