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Compare certain aspect of India and China - Dissertation Example

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Title: Compare Certain Aspects of China and India. Research Paper Dated: Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to compare certain aspects of India and China in the light of human development. The HDI data currently available do not cover areas like human rights, government and conflict and a few cultural impacts on society…
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Compare certain aspect of India and China
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Download file to see previous pages Detailed research in this direction would throw more light on HDI utility. Therefore, review of contemporary register of cultural and political events become essential. The processes that may be adopted to develop the utility of HDI is attempted to foresee in the light of strength and weakness of the people of these two countries. Five areas of focus were identified and studied. Data collected on these five areas were analyzed and found that future research would promote devising new parameters to measure human development. I. Introduction: With the purpose of this paper in view, that is to compare certain aspects of India and China, we rely chiefly on Human Development Index. In the light of HDI the attempts made to compare these two countries are necessarily confined to a few areas of development alone. HDI data currently available do not cover some areas like human rights, government and conflicts, a few cultural and social impacts and governance factors. As these two countries represent the biggest populated areas of the world, our study of these countries is expected to provide ample chances to explore various aspects of human development. Human Development Index was hitherto based on GDP of a nation. GDP is mainly dealing with the income and the purchase power of people. This economic data are in fact essential to measure the development of a nation. However, this alone can not be called human development. Human development comprises several aspects of human life sphere. Economic growth is one among those aspects. While it is easy to measure economic growth or fall in terms of data translated in to numbers, there are some areas, which can not be translated into numbers. Inclusion of other areas of human life sphere thus becomes necessary to be included in HDI. Improving the utility strategy of HDI is therefore essential to compare national level developments. The study of constrains and concessions, joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty ill and healthy, literacy and illiteracy of men and women of densely populated countries is bound to open a floodgate of focus areas. These focus areas will represent the human life style of the place, the measurement of which will give out a clear picture of the entire nation. Thus the population study of India and China is expected to bring out many areas of their life sphere which have impacts on their overall national development. Several focus areas came across, out of which some five were picked for the present study. The data gleaned were applied to the area of focus and a test of match and mismatch with the core of the focus areas was performed. While the matching statistics were found to confirm the hypothesis, the mismatching data were allocated for future research. Confirmatory data in respect of a country although go along with the hypothesis, are found to contradict with hypothesis in respect of other country. II. Rationale of the study with hypothesis: With HDI as the chief tool of human development measurement, we try to compare two nations namely China and India. As far as population is concerned, these two countries represent the world’s densest areas. In order to near the research questions the following hypothesis is framed. With the current tool of HDI in hand, comparing these two countries on the basis of similar population density provide a picture of their developments with ups and downs: - Taking only the manpower of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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