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Is Realism realistic as an approach to understanding contemporary global politics - Essay Example

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Realism as a political ideology has evolved over the period of time and suggest that the while maintaining international relations, States always tend to keep their self-interest intact and therefore all the decisions are made based upon the notion of securing the interests of the state first. …
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Is Realism realistic as an approach to understanding contemporary global politics
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Download file to see previous pages Neo-realism ideologies however suggest that the states may not be entirely in control as there is a layer above the states which may be dominating in terms of defining the overall behavior of states at the global level. neo-realism therefore differs quite significantly from the realism as it views the states and the overall global political order as a system based upon complex relationships. As per the system thinking, states may not be entirely in charge of determining their own behavior and moves.
Though realism may seem a realistic approach theoretically but it may not be entirely a realistic approach in terms of implementing the same. Issues such as globalization, changing economic preferences, dominance of terrorist and other pressure groups as well as the influence of super powers may be some of the key issues which may not allow States to actually design and develop strategies based on their own self interest.
The first part of the essay will discuss the theoretical background about the realism and neo-realism whereas in the second part of this essay, it will be argued as to whether the realism remains one of the realistic approaches to deal with the issues of contemporary global politics. Realism – A General Introduction Realism is one of the most important concepts with wide ranging applications both in international relations and politics. Political realism outlines that national interests are always above any other moral obligations. Realism therefore outlines the need for nation-state and suggests that nation-states are motivated by the national interests of the states and these interests are often disguised in the moral concerns for the nation-states. Realism is an opposite of liberalism which advocates the use of cooperation in the international relations. Realists however, on the other hand believe that the principal actors in international arena are the states themselves which decide based on their own interests and other considerations. There is therefore an inherent dichotomy within realism which outlines that the politics at the domestic level must be governed by the rule of law and ethics however, at the international level it must not be engaged into any ethical considerations and therefore should only focus on its self-interests while dealing at the global level. (Harrison, 2002) It is also however, important to note that the classical realism does not actually discard the ethics entirely within international politics. As such realism therefore is not entirely based upon the Machiavellian notion of everything is fair in the interest of the State. Realism is also not inclined towards any conflict or War Between the States however, it only points out to the assumption that the international relationships between the states should be based upon securing the interests of the state first. However, the ability to secure the interests of the State first largely depends upon the ability of the State to have power both in terms of economic as well as military. If the State cannot have sufficient economic and military power, it is unlikely to secure or safeguard its interests in the international politics. It is therefore important to understand that realism or classical realism as it is often referred to gives preferences to national interest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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