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Women In the Antebellum Reform - Research Paper Example

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Women In the Antebellum Reform. The antebellum incident took place in 1837. Antebellum reform incident was a consensus of reform organizations, who matched to New York to see anniversary meetings…
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Women In the Antebellum Reform
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Download file to see previous pages The reform organizations involved both men and women in relation to the issues they raised to advocate for change. It is reported that for a full week session, women and men from North West and mid west travelled to New York to conduct such speeches, which advocated for change (Elizabeth 91). Gradually, movements for change by women and men, who belonged to the reform organizations, started addressing different religious beliefs, goals and strategies. In addition, the leaders of reform groups started demonstrating to the public ways in which a better society would perform tasks to avoid massive killings. The mission for the activists for change was that one time; the United States of America could be improved, uplifted and perfected. Other issues that characterized the Antebellum period were such as; financial panic which erupted in New York in early 1837 to the extent that few people made purchases on shops. Wealthy people who supported different groups had run Bankrupt and New York registered a large number of street beggars that year compared to the previous years. Unemployment, hunger, homelessness, prostitution, and criminal cases were highly registered (Finkelman 39). Advocates for change during the antebellum era held debates over gender and cultural issues; segregation on grounds of lasses. The effort to test reforms was also attributed to the fact that white women and men dominated charity organizations that they took the rest of the citizens as their subordinates. As a result, other citizens were present to acts of oppression. The following report contains works of various authors in their books about the status of women in Antebellum. Professor Ginzberg gives an idea of women in relation to antebellum improvement in two ways. In the first way, women are examined alongside factors such as belief, class and race, upon which reform movements were based. In another perspective, Ginzberg views women participating in favour of social change. Women participated in social change through distributing Bibles, resisting intemperance, charity initiatives, tracts, they were opposed to slavery, and in general, women demanded their rights. The Antebellum Era was so, characterized by alteration mechanisms, which sought to empower women in the world over (Finkelman 39). One of the basic features of concern for women in Antebellum was to express their attitude towards sex. Women’s views about sex in Antebellum can be traced in the works of Helen Leftkowitz. Helen discusses about the social and cultural implications of gender and sex education in the antebellum era. Helen bases her studies at Amy Greenberg, Pennsylvania state University. Women challenged the idea that social problems, which affected America at the time would be changed through maintaining the ruling governments. Reformers made movements, one after the other in search for reforms in the government systems (Elizabeth 91). According to Oregon Public broadcasting media in America, the antebellum movement, which he also terms as a period of industrial action had social, economic, religious and political consequences to women in the United States and the surrounding countries. An article by Oregon Public broadcasting reveals that I the Antebellum movement, as middle class people and the original born families who were abandoned and made to be the production units of the home. As men left household chores to look for jobs in offices, women remained calm and barely got chances of moving to look for jobs in public places. Oregon public broadcasting however reveals that women of different classes and races ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Women In the Antebellum Reform." is quite often seen among the assignments in college. Still, this sample opens a fresh perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own research.

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