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Norwegian Health System - Term Paper Example

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Norwegian Health System Name Institution It is a documented fact; Norwegian health care is accessible to all registered residents and citizens (Larsen, 2009). The ministry of health ensures that all medical staffs are well-trained to deliver health care effectively…
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Norwegian Health System
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, the National Insurance Administration (NIS) commonly known as “Trygdeetaten” ensures that everybody has an access to a basic level of welfare. In doing this, the NIS provides various benefits for accidents, illness, birth, pregnancy, bodily defects, death, disability, old age, and unemployment. Non-citizens who work or live in Norway are obligated to contribute a certain amount that caters their health care while living and working in the country. Norway’s medical facilities are of high quality and widely available, though they are limited in the rural areas. The sparse and the remote population in Northern Norway and the reliance on ferries to transport medical facilities interrupt transportation thus hindering access to medical facilities in these rural areas. In trying to provide equitable services to its population, all Norwegians are insured by the NIS (National Insurance Scheme). Through NIS, all Norwegian residents and citizens are covered. With this regard, the aim of this paper is to discuss the Norwegian health care system, and illustrate the unique issues that the country faces in trying to provide equitable services to its population and the measures enacted to deal with this issue. The paper will further evaluate what the national government is doing to organize, coordinate and finance these services. NORWEGIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS Background In brief, Norway is a country in Northern Europe that has a population of 4.6 Million and a landmass of 324,220Km2. Studies outline that, Norway ranks among the richest countries globally given that, it is the World’s third largest oil exporter (Johnsen, 2006). The country is also rich in various resources such as Fish, petroleum, timber, minerals, hydropower and natural gas. The Norwegian economy is stable since the government controls major areas such as international prices, petroleum sector, and gas prices. As mentioned earlier, Norwegian health care system is very expensive, and to ensure that all citizens have an access to medical services, all residents and citizens are insured through NIS. Medical facilities are of high quality, which augment better outcome in health care delivery. The country has an exceptional standard of obligatory state funded medical care that consists of well-trained medical staff. The ministry of healthy ensures that all health professionals are carrying out their duties professionally for better health outcome. As a result, the health system in Norway is exceptional and perceived to be among the best health care systems globally. The cost of health care differs depending on the illness and treatment prescribed. However, there are relatively few charges for those who qualify but, prescription medicine are incurred at a charge. There are a number of cases where there is a relatively small cost on pregnant women, chronic diseases, and those who have just given birth. Significantly, there are high charges for dental treatment though some citizens acquire free dental treatment particularly, under the age of eighteen. In this context, the fee of the prescribed medicine falls into two groups that include blue and white class. In this case, white class medicines are entitled for free while blue classes are subsidized. The private sector does not play a significant role in Norway because of an excellent standard of the country’s healthcare. This is because private insurers issue complementary health insurance to citizens who receive treatment such as plastic surgery. In essence, private ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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