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Healthcare and the Quality of Human Life - Research Proposal Example

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The purpose of this research focuses on PCMH in view of transforming healthcare provisions in terms of affordability and quality services. In fact, in all aspects, it is a fundamental human right. Moreover, every person should be accorded quality healthcare. …
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Healthcare and the Quality of Human Life
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Download file to see previous pages The establishments offer essential health care services to their valued clientele most of whom subscribe for family health maintenance and therefore pay periodical visits to the facilities. In urgent cases, the facilities customize emergency response services some of which may include the practitioners rushing to the premises of their clients or the clients rushed to the facilities where they receive effective customized and urgent services. In severe cases when the patients are under acute attacks, they are admitted into the boarding facilities where they are adequately diagnosed, treated and discharged only upon full recovery (Rouse & Cortese, 2010). Such centers are not common in the society today but social homes that take care of the elderly and weak in society operate in a similar manner. However, these centers purely busy themselves with the provision of healthcare services and not the provision of social security. Unlike in the social homes, their clients pay for their services they, therefore, do not discriminate on patients based on their age as is the case in the social homes.
Patient-centered homes operate in a manner similar to homes for the old in that patients subscribe to their service after which the centers offer customized services based on the unique requirements of the client. The centers are fully-fledged facilities incorporating boarding facilities, the centers, therefore, offer both in and outpatient services for their clients. The main difference between these homes and the normal hospital is that the homes track their clients over a period depending on the specifications of the clients. More often, they offer services similar to those offered by family doctors only that unlike family doctors, they have fully equipped facilities capable handling any medical, furthermore, at the centers a patient id attended to by a variety of doctors depending on the level of his medical complications. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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