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Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine - Coursework Example

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The paper "Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine" discusses that although there are no perfect mentors, there are certain characteristics that are essentially needed in order to ensure the success of the mentoring program. For one, a good mentor should know how to respect a client…
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Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine
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Extract of sample "Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine"

Download file to see previous pages Emily's immediate supervisor deems her ‘over-enthusiasm’ as an impediment to her efficiency at work. Thus, she is recommended to lessen the time she spends for every patient.
Although she understands her supervisor’s recommendation from a business operation’s point-of-view, she is still adamant in her belief that gaining customer insights is crucial in aiding the pharmacy in better developing its line-up of medicinal offers. Carrying this burden, Emily consults her mentor in The Medical Nation, Dr Hussa Al Husine.
The mentoring session with Dr Husine happens twice a week for three weeks after Emily’s daily working period. Even without having a firm background in professional coaching, Emily thinks that the program lacks a concrete plan as it is devoid of any clear objectives and intended action points. To be more specific, Dr Husine starts the program by asking Emily to provide a summary of her current situation at work. Then, she asks her to zoom into the problem, which is, the recommendation to alleviate the time she spends for every patient.
Emily: I think in terms of magnitude, my problem is not that of a biggie. Actually, it does not involve any critical help from a career perspective. But I think finding a solution to this problem can help me clarify my perspectives at work.
Dr H: Ok. I think there are two possible solutions to your problem: firstly, you can talk to your boss about how you feel about lessening the time spent per patient, or you can follow him head-on. By confronting your boss, you will be able to explain your side well—how important it is to delve into the patients’ real problems. On the other hand, in following his recommendation, you have to be able to take note of the probable changes it might bring to the business. Then, you can compare it to the previous scenario and let him understand the value of spending time with patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine Coursework.
(Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine Coursework)
Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine Coursework.
“Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine Coursework”.
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