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How Does Energy Product Affect the Rate of Absorption and its Subsequent Use - Research Paper Example

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The author presents the study on how various forms of Staminade energy products affect the subsequent level of glucose and affect the performance of the concerned individual. The research proved that the Staminade Endure products have an immediate effect on an athlete’s blood glucose level …
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How Does Energy Product Affect the Rate of Absorption and its Subsequent Use
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Extract of sample "How Does Energy Product Affect the Rate of Absorption and its Subsequent Use"

Download file to see previous pages It basically supplements the needs of the body by providing an easier way out. It simply shortens the process while in its absence body would have tried to provide the same amount of energy by using the reserve of a body or the body would provide enough energy to get the work done but with some consequences like extreme fatigue or poor performance.
However, with so many energy boosters available in the market, it is hard to make a choice or to believe which one is the best. In fact, it is not just various brands that confuse consumers but also energy products are available in various forms like bars, gels or in liquid forms. In order to lessen this confusion, I present my study on how various forms of Staminade energy products affect the subsequent level of glucose in the body and thus affect the performance of the concerned individual.
The basic idea of how food provides energy is that it is simply broken down into smaller pieces (Digestion), and is ultimately converted to glucose to provide energy. No matter what the source is, it has to be ultimately converted to glucose to provide energy. This glucose provides energy in the form of ATP. This energy in the form of ATP is then utilised to perform various activities that also includes contraction of muscle. Athletes need extra energy since they perform rigorous exercises that involve extended use of muscles or heavy use of more muscles or both. Since in such strenuous conditions body cannot maintain the basic aerobic conditions needed for complete breakdown of glucose to ATP, they instead try to provide energy through other pathway, where glucose is anaerobically broken down. This anaerobic pathway does provide energy but that is less compared to the aerobic pathway, also it leads to accumulation of lactic acid which causes fatigue and pain. Whatever be the conditions, whether aerobic or anaerobic, it is glucose that is being ultimately utilized for energy production.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Energy Product Affect the Rate of Absorption and Its Research Paper.
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