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Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill - Assignment Example

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This paper “Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill” shall discuss the lack of insurance among mentally ill patients. It shall first describe the mental health issue and the student’s position on such an issue. This paper shall also explain why this position is important…
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Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill
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Extract of sample "Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill"

Download file to see previous pages Worse, because the family sometimes cannot afford to cover their medical expenses, these mentally ill patients end up with no medical care at all; they are forced to suffer the debilitating symptoms of their mental illness and to be subjected to worsening mental and general health conditions.
This paper shall discuss the lack of insurance among mentally ill patients. It shall first describe the mental health issue and the student’s position on such an issue. This paper shall also explain why this position is important and the relevance of the position to nursing practice, the mentally ill, and society. The rationale of this position shall be clearly explained and two factors that contribute to this issue shall be identified and described. Specific recommendations that support the position to improve nursing practice and the life of the mentally and society shall also be explained in this research. Recommendations that consider advocacy at the legislative level, financial funding for resources, delivery of nursing care, reduction of stigma at the local, national, and state-level shall also be discussed in this paper. Finally, at least two resources or current services relevant to the issue shall conclusively be discussed in this paper.
As was previously discussed, mentally ill patients have limited insurance coverage. This student believes that discrimination against the mentally ill should be stopped; these patients should have the same chance of being covered as the general population. Reports from 1996 to 1998 indicate that “the percentage of uninsured individuals in the general population did not increase significantly” (RAND Health, 2000). The reports also reveal that this trend was not seen in those who had chronic medical conditions; hence, this limited coverage is actually unique to mental health care services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill Assignment.
(Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill Assignment)
Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill Assignment.
“Lack of Health Insurance for the Mentally Ill Assignment”.
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