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Human Genetic Enhancement - Essay Example

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The article “Human Genetic Enhancement” is an attempt to critically investigate the issue of genetic enhancement of human beings. One of the most controversial issues of present times, the topic inspired literature over the years and the weight in favor of and against the topic is almost the same…
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Human Genetic Enhancement
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Download file to see previous pages When Leonardo De Vinci drew the first diagram of human wings, even he perhaps did not think that one day his fellow species would even think of having his own wings and that is not mechanical (Slater 57), rather a separate extension of his body just like his species gifted hands. But is that everything? Is it desirable to go against natural law? Is it desirable to create a world for superhumans more genetically enhanced and perhaps quite different from what we are to Genetic enhancement even speaks about trans species upper human combination of several species into one?
The philosophers, the economists, sociologists and people from the different arena of our society are expressing their views on the issue. If some are quite hopeful about the outcome of the genetic enhancement, then some have also focused on its evil sides. While the philosophers’ main debate is on the selection of natural law, the sociologists express their concern over the complications that may arise from genetic enhancement into our cultural identity. The economists have often expressed their doubt that his process of genetic enhancement may increase socio-economic inequality and our world quite skewed even without genetic enhancement might become a home only for the ‘haves’.
The topic of genetic enhancement comprises a huge number of literature coming from all spheres of intellect. On one hand, some people belonging to the medical professions are dreaming about providing a human being with some added features that belong to some other species like Slater (2001) and some have tried to justify human genetic enhancement on the utilitarian ground like Allhoff (2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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