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Minimum Test Battery for Assessing CANS Function - Essay Example

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An essay "Minimum Test Battery for Assessing CANS Function" reports that certain tests are appropriate for specific situations and patients, a tailored set of tests should be chosen for each situation. The following general points should be considered when choosing tests to assess CANS…
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Minimum Test Battery for Assessing CANS Function
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Extract of sample "Minimum Test Battery for Assessing CANS Function"

Download file to see previous pages The following general points should be considered when choosing tests to assess CANS. The sensitivity of central auditory tests is important and can be determined by testing patients with well-defined lesions of the central auditory nervous system (CANS). Using a decision matrix model, the test results from these patients can be analyzed in reference to scores (Musiek 81-82). Test selection should be guided by the intended use of the results. Specific tests may be preferred for differential diagnosis and monitoring disease progression or recovery, whereas other tests may be used to reveal functional deficits, to guide intervention planning, and to determine counseling efforts. There should also be a careful consideration of the population for testing (Katz, Stecker & Henderson 12-44). The various populations for central testing should be divided into categories. This will enhance overall test efficiency because the best tests for a target population can be used. Therefore, the test batteries for assessing CAPD are presented under several categories (Stapells & Oates, 257-280). The auditory test batteries that are used to assess CANS function or dysfunction as the case may be, falls into two major categories: Behavioral tests and Electrophysiological tests. The behavioral tests are usually divided into four subcategories: monaural low-redundancy speech tests, dichotic speech tests, temporal patterning tests, and binaural interaction tests (Picton 225). The selection of tests will depend upon a number of factors, including the age of the individual being assessed, the specific auditory difficulties the individual displays, the individual’s native language, and cognitive status, and so forth. Electrophysiological tests are measures of the brains response to sounds (Blattner et al 179-183). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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