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The biological basis for social psychological and physical problems related to the diagnosis of Mike’s HIV positive status includes negative public relations and isolation by the family, friends, and the community thus affecting the social stigma. In addition, Mike might…
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HIV/AIDS discussion
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HIV and AIDS Discussion al Affiliation) The biological basis for social psychological and physical problems related to the diagnosis of Mike’s HIV positive status includes negative public relations and isolation by the family, friends, and the community thus affecting the social stigma. In addition, Mike might suffer from anger, anxiety, depression, and lack of self-acceptance. Stigmatization worsens the psychological, physical, and social impact by hindering the proper treatment and hampering social support and disclosure of one’s status (Habib & Rahman, 2010). In addition, one finds it difficult to believe and often needs some time to adjust to the positive diagnosis.
The impacts of the positive status pertain to Mike’s psychological state in the sense that he finds it difficult to disclose his condition to the family members (Habib & Rahman, 2010). Based on the cultural and traditional beliefs as well as the concerns of the family members for Mike’s health they will be shocked to hear the news and they might not come up with a way to handle the issue. This is because some of the family members believe in the traditional and natural means of treatment while others believe in the modern medicine. Based on the health issues facing the family, other members would believe that it is because of witches and magic.
Because of their sociocultural experience, Mike, his friends, and the family members might think that someone has put a spell on the family. Mike’s community has some traditional beliefs and hence Mike might not get the right treatment for his condition. From the readings and video, I have learnt that the Miller family should drop some of their traditional beliefs in order to understand and be supportive of Mike. People with HIV/AIDS can live a healthy and normal life if proper care and support is available (TED, 2010). Hence, the Miller family needs to know that medical treatment, food, rest, and exercise can strengthen the immune system of such a person. In addition, emotional support and positive attitude helps to avoid depression and the devastating effects that illness have on the affected families (TED, 2010).
Habib, T. Z., & Rahman, S. (2010). Psychosocial Aspects of AIDS as a Chronic Illness: Social Worker Role Perspective. Antrocom, 6(1), 79-89.
TED. (Producer). (2010). Annie Lennox: why am an HIV/AIDS activist. (video file). Retrieved from Read More
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