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Women and Men's Shared Responsibility in Contraceptives - Research Paper Example

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This article “Women and Men's Shared Responsibility in Contraceptives” looks at the issues and evaluates why it is necessary for women to access birth control as a human right. It uses both Kantian argument and the utilitarian ethics…
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Women and Mens Shared Responsibility in Contraceptives
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Extract of sample "Women and Men's Shared Responsibility in Contraceptives"

Download file to see previous pages  As Jinxia (89) points out, the modern woman has a very big contribution to both social and economic development. The structure of the society has changed and the modern woman is more than just a reproductive being. They contribute economically to not only their families but also to the whole economy at large. The modern woman provides for her family almost as much, and sometimes as much as their male counterparts (Chadwick 45). In this regard, their need to be able to control their reproductive processes is inherent given that this affects the way they are able to contribute to their families and the economy at large. A woman should then have the right and ability to control when to get pregnant and become a mother, and when not to.
Denying them this right would hinder their ability to contribute to the economy and to the social life. Those who say that women must not be given this right are those who have a low regard of a woman and regard a woman as nothing more than a domestic being whose work is to bear and rear children. Unfortunately, this is a practice of the past and does not apply in the modern world.
It is necessary to apply this issue to Kantian ethics. Given that this is a moral/ethical issue to most people, it is necessary to apply the Kantian ethics to identify whether it is good to give women the right to access contraceptives. According to Emanuel Kant, an action is aid to be moral if it is intrinsically based on goodwill. Kant argued that there is no action that can be said to be good or bad on its own, but rather what makes an action good or bad is the good or bad will behind it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women and Men'S Shared Responsibility in Contraceptives Research Paper.
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