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Critical issue in global health. Effects of Globalization : Child Obesity in Mexico - Assignment Example

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Having a lot of body fat makes a person become overweight. An individual with this kind of disorder is at a high risk of developing health issues for…
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Critical issue in global health. Effects of Globalization : Child Obesity in Mexico
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"Critical issue in global health. Effects of Globalization : Child Obesity in Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages The main reasons are the availability of numerous calories-rich foods in Mexico and the high levels of illiteracy (Mexico Obesity Rate Higher Than U.S., Says U.N. Report, 2013). In fact, children are programmed to become obese in Mexico.
The Mexican government has created a system to look into the matter. The structural reform that took place in 2003 has ensured that 50 million Mexicans with no insurance receive a social security cover (Felicia et al., 2006). This has increased the chances of having many people educated on healthy living as they visit the health centers in Mexico.
To address the issue of obesity, there is a need to change the perception regarding obese children, and helping these children transform need to be the top most priority. Education would assist in fighting the cultural belief that fat people are healthy. The Mexican government needs to consider banning of foods that have high calories (Bruni, 2012). The people need to be mobilized into attending health campaigns in hospital and other areas to boost their knowledge in fighting obesity.
Mexico Obesity Rate Higher Than U.S., Says U.N. Report. (2013, September 7). Retrieved November 6, 2014, from Huffpost Healthy Living: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Issue in Global Health. Effects of Globalization : Child Assignment.
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