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The evaluation of the probable aspects that cause autism has been of great help as the research has narrowed down to a few factors related to the core and…
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Discusstion 8
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AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS Researchers have made significant advancements on the factors that cause autism especially in relation to the environment. The evaluation of the probable aspects that cause autism has been of great help as the research has narrowed down to a few factors related to the core and contributor alleles. Nonetheless, there are still areas and factors that require additional exploration on matters rising from earlier research’s results (Chase 2012). Decisively, this paper entails a brief description of a core environmental factor previously identified as a potential risk for an Autism Spectrum Disorder and the public measures that could assist in the identification of the people at risk, plan health programs and implement preventative measures.
Essentially, evaluating environmental factors in concern to risks of autism requires a depth analysis of human and animal aspects, exposures, medical procedures and alimentary influences (Autism Response Team, 2014). Many of the studies base on exploring the relations between disclosures and body encumbrance approximations and autistic consequences; however, neurological progress of humans and animals is also a considerable factor. Largely, exposure to environmental chemicals is a common risk for a number of autism spectrum disorders that have adverse effects that cause variations in the growth of the neurological system and other parts of the human body and normal function.
Many learning and development incapacities in humans result from environmental agents and chemicals such as pesticides, solvents, mercury, ethers among others; moreover, they have a straight effect on the evolving nerves of the human system leading to autism and other related disorders. All the same, these agents do not solely cause the autism spectrum disorders but combine with other environmental factors; though, these factors have minimal impact. Furthermore, research shows that even while combined, the chemicals alone do not cause the related effects.
Genes also act as a major determinant for the environmental chemicals’ effects especially because of their variations; typically, some of the people exposed to these chemicals have an increased risk to autism than others (Rodriguez 2014). Triggers to autism vary with the state of an environment and individual factors such as the genes hence creating ample challenges on utterly establishing the core causes.
Identification, reduction and prevention of a risk are usually the basis of almost every medical risk factor research. Assertively, implementation of reduction and preventive measures is essential in eliminating or countering environmental chemicals as risk factors on the cause of autism. Firstly, people handling the agents and chemicals should consider applying the required safety measures and wearing the necessary attire to prevent brain conditions and other complications. Autism Spectrum Disorders increase every decade because people are not conversant with the disease and its paramount aspects. Edification is required; the specialist can ensure that people are aware of the possible environmental factors that expedite autism and related disorders (Dieter 2011). Additionally, developments on safety testing can also be effectual particularly if the modification entails the detection of other progressive disorders that may cause autism (i.e. diabetes, asthma). In conclusion, environmental risk factors such as the exposure to chemicals require further evaluation to come up with information that is more detailed and succeed in overcoming autism.
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