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Social determinants of health - Essay Example

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According to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), most of the country’s citizens have an optimistic perspective about their quality of life on matters concerning health; in fact, over three quarters of the citizens said they were enchanted and…
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Social determinants of health
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Download file to see previous pages Remarkably, the health situation in Australia is extraordinary and impressive in most aspects compared to other neighboring countries; however, the cancer issues continue to multiply creating the need to counter them and understand those affected for utter support. Definitely, cancer is an ailment that changes lives of most people with the survivors having positive outcomes resulting from well adjustment over time; nonetheless, there are still those that face daily challenges. The common health problems that result from cancer include weariness, aching, sexual complications, despair, apprehension and frame of mind deficiency; largely, these problems appear to be the core disruptors of the affected lives but the most frustrating are the social struggles (AIHW 2010). Typically, while undergoing treatment, most cancer patients are able to change their morals and objectives, perspectives on life and how they relate with others as part of the social development program: however, there are barriers such as occupational challenges, hitches with insurance and health worries that also negatively affect their social lives hence there still lacks a sheer solution. This article gives a brief analysis of the social impact on cancer evaluating the different social determinants of health relevant to the cancer and low socio-economic groups in Australia.
Currently, cancer is the leading burden disease in Australia and has dominated for the last eleven years; the burden is a result of lives lost over the years due to premature death and disabilities from prostate, colorectal, breast, lung and melanoma cancers (CVA 2013). Occupational and social environment aspects of the infected affect the mortality rate; however, these are not the only core contributors but they are key determinants of a significant number of dissimilar cancers. The occupation determinant is about the exposures that people face in their workplaces; for instance, some of the machines and equipment used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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