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In the essay “Home Remedy and Complementary Medications” the author describes his experience of adaptation of the home remedy treatment instead of medication. Like for abdominal pain, he is made to use; lemon with warm water along with a pinch of salt…
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Home Remedy and Complementary Medications
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Home Remedy and Complementary Medications
There are a lot of medications available for the issues like abdominal pain, constipation and pimple. I had been experiencing these issues in my personal life. And I have been forced several times to adapt the home remedy treatment for these instead of medication by my family. Like for abdominal pain I am made to use; lemon with warm water along with a pinch of salt, chewing of fennel seeds after every meal, cup of mint tea or to use a hot pack on the pain area. For constipation I am made to go for the eatables containing fiber such as; a handful of soaked raisins are to be eaten at the morning in empty stomach, whole grain cereals, oranges, guavas apples and an excellent remedy of adding Psyllium husk (isbagol) in a glass of hot milk or water. For the purpose of pimple I had been using; dipping of cotton into fresh lemon juice and applying on the pimple before going to bed, putting an ice cube in a piece of cloth and holding it onto the affected area, applying of white toothpaste on the pimple before going to bed, rubbing of garlic clove several times a day, talking the steam of hot water on the entire face or usage of honey on to the affected area for half an hour. The objective of considering such folk remedies basically includes fewer side effects as compared to the prescribed doctor’s medication. Mostly all of us have endured folk remedies. Read More
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Home Remedy and Complementary Medications Assignment.
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