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While to some, these might seem right and healthy, to others, these are risky, therefore, unacceptable. Issues regarding the usefulness of supplements to humans and use of diet pills…
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Supplements/Diet Pills/Drug Recalls/Health Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it might be challenging to establish where the real facts about these issues lie. Nonetheless, it is important that transparency be embraced in the field of health sciences and medicine, with regard to issues that directly affect health of people, who are consumers of drugs and other health products. Full information on such issues must be made available to the consumers, so that they can make the right decisions, with regard to their health.
With respect to supplements, there have been varied perceptions of these, their function, usefulness in society, and impact on human health. While some researches and views point to their benefits, others reveal the risks involved when using them. In an article in the Wall street journal, by Corbett (2011), food supplements are considered of little benefit to human beings, but only as presenting health risks to them. This article was based on a research conducted among specific women. This revealed that women who used supplements had a higher risk of dying than those who did not use supplements. On the other hand, the presenters dwelt on the benefits of supplements. In their presentation, the negative side of supplements was not highlighted with the weight it needs. They recommended supplements for bodybuilders, diabetics, athletes, and seniors. Some of the benefits of protein supplements were that, they enhance muscle synthesis. These also strengthen a person’s immune system, and help in weight loss. The only problem identified with supplements is that they may lead to negative effects, if they are taken in an overdose, or the wrong way. Therefore, there is a difference in how food supplements have been perceived by the presenters, and the article in the Wall Street journal, in terms of the seriousness of the issue (Corbett, 2011).
Another article in the Wall Street journal by Hobson (2011) equally addresses special concerns about supplements. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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