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The improper practices constitute the placement of hazardous type of household waste like spent batteries in containers that are unapproved for this purpose. There are…
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Solid Waste Management; Hazardous Waste Management (SLP)
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Extract of sample "Solid Waste Management; Hazardous Waste Management (SLP)"

There are a number of methods of disposal of waste that have been deemed as improper methods in this regard. The improper practices constitute the placement of hazardous type of household waste like spent batteries in containers that are unapproved for this purpose. There are also other acts that may be seen as acts of disposal of waste like the acts of littering in the areas that are unwarranted for such an activity (Stuart and Steiner 96). The other such activities include the ones of dumping waste in unauthorized areas and burning them. There are numerable types of waste , but it is seen that (HHW) Household Hazardous Wastes are extremely toxic in nature which may be also be corrosive, flammable and extremely reactive to a number of materials. One of the examples of items that come into this category is the antifreeze that is poured into the ground or the batteries that are put in the trash can for this purpose. These kinds of materials are highly reactive in nature and are a potential bio-hazard. This may lead to a number of health complications for humans and other living beings that com into contact with this waste. The dumping of waste materials in open areas, unauthorized landfills, the dumping of the waste materials in the creek, pond and other open areas are also termed as potentially dangerous means of waste disposal. Other than this, not packing the waste properly, leaving the trash cans exposed to open air may lead to a number of diseases (Stuart and Steiner 97). Adequate care must be taken to ensure that all the waste is dumped in safe areas where the disposal becomes easier. There should be no leakages for the wastage to escape, and coming into contact with open air. These are some of the improper trash disposal practices that are seen commonly.
If the trash is not disposed in a proper manner, it may lead to a number of complications in the surrounding neighbourhood. The complications may get more severe in the case of an earthquake or tornado, as it leads to a de-stabilization of the existing infrastructure of waste management (Rao 3). It may lead to unattended waste that shall attract flies, rats, lizards and other animals that may act as agents for spreading of a number of infectious diseases. These solid wastes may lead to a number of health complications for the human beings. The earthquakes or any kind of natural calamity shall lead to a number of complications for the human beings. In other situations, if the domestic waste is not handled in a proper manner, this may lead to chronic infections and other endemic diseases (Stuart and Steiner 99). On the other hand, if the pollutants are chemical in nature, they have a higher risk of contamination of individuals, especially the children. If the waste is not handled in a proper manner, there may be incidence of skin and blood infection, if the waste comes in direct contact with any of the infected wounds. If the landfill gets exposed due to the earthquake or any other natural calamity, it shall lead to eye and respiratory kind of infections (Rao 3). There may be a number of infections that happen due to the bites of the animals feeding on the waste. There is the risk of chronic infections like cancer that may happen due to the carcinogens. Certain of the waste products may also cause muscle and bone disorders on direct contact. The greatest risk of human diseases comes from the ingestion of suspended particulate matter and the respiratory diseases. These are the various effects on human health due to improper disposal of garbage.
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