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 This paper "Health Care Provider Financial Management and Operations" discusses the operation and management practices in the health care sector. The paper analyses a role in escalating cost of financing health care operations and Introduction of point-of-care management case…
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Health Care Provider Financial Management and Operations
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  The escalating price pass on to employers forcing them to pay more to their workers. There has been a need by health care providers to eliminate duplication, reduce hospitalizations and improve coordination; this has also played a role in escalating cost of financing health care operations. Introduction of point-of-care management case has been crucial in lowering the operational cost in health care facilities as there are few hospital readmissions. Anna (2012) indicates that the strategy has given a solid return on investments.
Health care providers with strong market heft can negotiate better on high physician services, unlike independent doctors. Despite efforts to conserve energy, there is still a high rate of energy consumption by health care providers, this leads to escalating operational cost because energy is a necessity in the provision of health care (Anna, 2012).

Making a personal opinion, the health care facilities will cut down their operational cost by changing their business model to accommodate the changes in technology and the high patient rate. On a rather positive note, there has been a downwards forecast on the spending of Medicare, and this trend will continue for life sciences. Health care operations costs have been on the hike rating the increase at about 50 percent. Partnering by the health care providers would help lower costs and the quality of services (Anna, 2012). Read More
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