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The Abbreviated Work Plans - Assignment Example

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The assignment "The Abbreviated Work Plans " discusses the target audience for research. This assignment considers presentation strategies of findings and data in research. The assignment analyses an open forum for the audience to raise their questions, opinions or ideas…
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The Abbreviated Work Plans
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Extract of sample "The Abbreviated Work Plans"

 These handouts will contain the entire plan and arrangements. This help saves time because most of the audience are busy people. The handouts will have all the detailed information so that in case one does not understand he can have a reference source. This will make the presentation simple and time conservative.

One on one communication: some individuals may opt not to adopt the plan due to its expensive nature. To solve this, personal communication will have to into play. One will have to take his or her personal time to talk to the audience on one on one basis. This is to convince the undecided party and give them the required motivation. This may be done through personal calls or text messages, just in case getting free time is not possible.

Newsletters: As follow up each audience will receive a newsletter once in a while to make sure that their motivation never declines. Sending of the newsletters will be through the post and via emails. This will act as reminders to the audience. Read More
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