Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets - Case Study Example

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The following paper 'Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets' presents the structure of physicians’ service market which differs greatly from the perfectly competitive model. The structure is monopolized by the presence of licensed physicians…
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Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets
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It also depends on the services provided by each physician as different physicians offer uniquely different services (Gaynor and Vogt, 1999). The structure of this market can be termed as monopolistic competition; each physician stands as a monopolist for his uniquely different services, but the collection of these services is only suitable to a certain extent. Secondly, the behavior of patients plays an important role in determining the power of certain physicians within their service market (Gaynor and Vogt, 1999).
It is important to control the increased physician prices to maintain balance in the economical structure of the society which would result in the improvement of the structure of physicians’ service market.
The physicians should be pushed to focus more on providing on-time quality services to the patients at a reduced cost.
Physicians should be compelled to practice and provide their services out of competition and it is highly important to monitor and control the manipulating licensure regulations in use by the physicians as a tool to enhance competition. Read More
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