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Prenatal Care - Case Study Example

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The following paper 'Prenatal Care' focuses on prenatal care which is the regular medical check-ups done to pregnant women in the itinerary of the pregnancy. This paper surveys the obstacles to proper prenatal, effects of prenatal in people’s development…
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Prenatal Care
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Extract of sample "Prenatal Care"

Most women are ignorant on the significance of an excellent and regular prenatal care (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2007). They do not make arrangements, and if they do, they ignore them. This is common with girls who have no experience in childbirth.
Scarcity of Qualified Physicians
Scarcity of qualified doctors has led to women being put on hold due to extensive waiting lists (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2007). In addition, when mothers get a chance to visit, they find long lines at the clinics. This frustrates the pregnant women who have other places to be.
Effects of Prenatal Care on Developmental Lifespan
Prenatal care for the mother and the child lessens a lot of threats that could occur during delivery, and after. At a prenatal clinic, a mother will be directed on the diet, for example, intake of folic acid condenses prospects of abnormalities. In addition, the right diet will guarantee the child grows at a normal, healthy rate.
Ways of Enlightening the Public on Prenatal Care
The public needs to be aware of the significance of prenatal care, thus health specialist can use the following ways. Firstly, they could initiate campaigns to create awareness all over the country, and advertise it thoroughly. Secondly, experts should learn to treat mothers with trust and comfort, since some women fear medical procedures. Lastly, the professionals can join forces with filmmakers, and authors to film documentaries, and publish books on pregnant women.
Prenatal care is recommended for all expectant women. This is done in order to evade problems that may occur during delivery. Experts should participate in making mothers aware of prenatal care. Read More
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