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Preventative health screening test - Essay Example

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This paper centers round the preventive health screening. There is a growing trend among the young adults of undergoing preventive health screening test. Screening for the identification of identifiable diseases in the young and tender age provides the individual with relief from these diseases in the long run…
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Preventative health screening test
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Download file to see previous pages This paper describes all types and objective of screening. There are numerous types of screenings available for the young adults including the traditional film mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, and digital mammography. The type of screening options varies from one disease to another. For example, to screen test a patient for the carotid artery disease, the patient is asked to lie on the back, so that gel can be applied to the neck. The technologist moves the transducer over the neck which generates pictures of the carotid arteries along with the blood flow rate in them. There are several ways of preventive health screening that can be used for such purposes that include but are not limited to mammography, clinical examination, and self-examination. The way of preventive health screening suitable in a particular case depends upon the size and severity of the symptoms. For example, in the case of screening for breast cancer, self-examination may suffice when the breast tumors can be felt because of their size. In other cases, when they are too small to be felt, mammography is more suitable as a method of preventive health screening than self-examination. Preventive health screening is an effective way of reducing young adolescents’ susceptibility to diseases later in life. Types of preventive health screening include self-examination, clinical examination, and mammography. Of the three, mammography is the most useful type of preventive health screening. Preventive health screening is important as a precautionary measure for better health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preventative Health Screening Test Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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