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Risks associated with ultrasound procedure - Essay Example

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Tjie essay "Risks associated with ultrasound procedure" concerns the phenomenon of ultrasound and its impact. Reportedly, ultrasound is the mechanical transmission of energy all the way through a medium at a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing…
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Risks associated with ultrasound procedure
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Download file to see previous pages While diagnostic imaging is likely the most widely recognized (e.g., obstetric sonography) application of medical ultrasound, therapeutic ultrasound predates diagnostic medical ultrasound by at least two decades with the earliest investigation of focused therapeutic ultrasound reported over 60 years ago; study of lesion formation in ex vivo beef liver and in situ brain of cats and dogs). But despite its early start, medical applications of therapeutic ultrasound waned due to the lack of adequate imaging for targeting and monitoring of treatments. (Smith, 2001) However, with recent advances in imaging, therapeutic ultrasound is making the resurgence in the medical community.
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is such a therapeutic application, with intensities that are generally 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than traditional diagnostic ultrasound devices ( Table 1) for the purpose of selective destruction of tissues deep within the body. In its clinical application, acoustic energy is focused on a well-defined region of tissue (focal region or zone), and the energy that has not been scattered is absorbed and converted into heat. (Soneson, 2009) Due to the high intensities in the focal region, temperatures quickly rise to levels that will result in rapid cellular necrosis, creating a well-defined region of necrosed tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.
This lesion may be on the order of one to a few centimeters in length and one to a few millimeters in diameter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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