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The essay“Smokers with Lung Cancer - It’s Not Too Late» argues that health care professionals should try to motivate lung cancer patients to end their addiction in the hope of healing cancer, appealing to the results of treatment of some patients using complementary and alternative medicine. …
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Smokers with Lung Cancer - Its Not Too Late
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 The article ‘Smokers with lung cancer: It’s not too late’ written by Shari Roan in the Los Angeles Times, dated January 22, 2010 is highly relevant for those who have lost hope for their long life. Shari has quoted researches which have found that smokers who have developed lung cancer have great chances of survival if they quit smoking! It is often seen that smokers who have lung cancer become fatalistic and continue to indulge in the smoking, while undergoing treatment. The article gives a hope to not only patients of lung cancer, but it also delivers a subtle message of positive attitude and belief in making efforts to conquer one’s bad habits that can win battles against the most dreaded diseases like cancer..
The article says that quitting smoking helps the lung cancer patients to survive for longer period time, though it may not be true for advance cases. Indeed, the article gives huge motivation for the healthcare professionals and nursing advocates to encourage the patients with lung cancer to quit smoking as major healthcare imperative. The writer has also affirmed that there is difference of opinion about asking the terminally ill lung cancer patients to quit smoking. While some are all for making efforts to stop the smoking, others like Tom Treasure, Professor of cardiothoracic, feel guilty as smoking may be their (dying patients’) sole life long comfort! I believe that feeling of guilt has absolutely no place in the healthcare industry and positive attitude must be intrinsic part of medical fraternity.
The traditional approach like medical, behavioral and socio-economic approach to health are popular. The knowledge gained through religious ideologies and guidelines is complemented and supplemented by our inherent tendency to explore and widen its area of influence through all available means. Indeed, the increasing trend towards holistic healing and alternative medicine is case in point. The efficacy of the healing is strictly holistic in approach and often treats the disease, not as an isolated event but as part of the wider perspectives that takes into account the physical, mental and social aspect of the individuals. The very basis of holistic healing is dependent on optimism. The increasing popularity of complementary and alternative medicine in the west is testament to their success. Hence, medical professionals must ensure that even the terminally ill persons be dissuaded from pursuing habits and traits which are detrimental to their well being.
Roan, Shari. (22 January, 2010). Smokers with lung cancer: it’s not too late. Los Angeles Times. Available from: [Accessed 8 February, 2010]. Read More
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