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Crital review of research literature - Essay Example

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Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD) and other cardiovascular diseases are known to be the leading cause of death in several industrialised nations, both in men and women (Ades, 2001; Jackson et al, 2004). It is also a major cause of physical disability, especially in the elderly, which happen to be a continuously growing population (Ades, 2001)…
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Crital review of research literature
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Extract of sample "Crital review of research literature"

Download file to see previous pages To further enhance the efficiency of preventive care for post coronary event patients and due to the concern about the safety of unsupervised exercise after discharge from the hospital led to the development of cardiac rehabilitation programmes in the 1960s. The cardiac rehabilitation programme is a highly structured rehabilitation programme, usually supervised by physicians and other healthcare professionals. The programmes typically consist of supervised exercise, dietary and health education and counselling (Ades, 2001; Jackson et al, 2004). The idea behind cardiac rehabilitation is the understanding that by modifying (reducing) risk factors, further acute cardiac events can be curtailed.
However, with the reduction in the length of hospital stay for acute coronary syndromes, the possibility of counselling patients about risk reduction and the importance of exercise in preventing future events have been greatly hampered. To this end, clinical guidance from the National Institutes of Health have further broadened the scope of cardiac rehabilitation programmes to include the assessment and modification of risk factors, to enable such programmes further function effectively as secondary prevention centres.
Several studies have demonstrated the convincing efficiency and efficacy of cardiac rehabilitation programmes in reducing mortality and morbidity related to cardiovascular diseases (Jackson et al, 2004; Ades, 2001; Witt et al, 2004). This review, therefore, takes a critical look at cardiac rehabilitation with a view to assessing the level of acceptance/attendance, availability of resources and gender and age distribution of participation in the programmes, which are issues that have taken dominance in recent study reports involving cardiac rehabilitation.
Topic for Review.
The area of focus for this review will be cardiac rehabilitation and personal/patients' factors that have influenced attendance of the programmes. Cardiac rehabilitation was rightly chosen as the topic for review due to its impact in the reduction of cardiac related mortality and morbidity.
Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programmes have been severally demonstrated to be quite effective as secondary prevention towards forestalling future cardiac events and disabilities due to cardiac events. Unfortunately, only a minute fraction of patients eligible seems to utilise this opportunity, with the participation of women and the elderly, most disappointing. Several reasons have been offered for this disproportionate participation in the programmes. It is therefore, important to look at some of these attributed reasons with a view to analysing how well they attend to the low attendance suffered by cardiac rehabilitation programmes.
According to Ades (2001), cardiac rehabilitation is indicated for patients who have suffered or have been diagnosed of acute myocardial infarction, those who have undergone coronary revascularization, cardiac angioplasty or cardiac transplantation. It is also appropriate for patients with chronic stable angina and chronic heart failure (Ades, 2001). By improving exercise capacity, plasma lipids, obesity indexes, behavioural characteristics, healthier lifestyles and quality of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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