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Drug use and addiction - Essay Example

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People face different kinds of problems in their life like financial, business, social and health problems. They try to face these problems and to control stress and mental strain they start using drugs as a prop. However, drugs are not the solution of any problem, but are the reason of upcoming social, health and psychological problems…
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Drug use and addiction
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Download file to see previous pages Children get influenced by their parents or other family members and start with the habit of drinking. Emotional distress and parental influence are the main reasons to start off with the habit. In order to handle the increasing misery which is caused due to many problems (financial and family) youngsters resort to the drinking of alcohol. At first it provides them a sense of relief but a point comes when the distress begin to mount all over again.
People start the habit of drinking due to many reasons which mainly include emotional distress. According to some theories drinking of alcohol provides relief to increasing stress. A time comes when a person feels like evading himself from the reality and that is the time when he gets the urge to drink. Drinking of alcohol is commonly found amongst the young generation. This is because young people start the drinking process thinking that it would lead to the betterment of their frame of mind. Recent research has proved that if alcohol does not satisfy one's emotional needs then it can lead to the usage of more alcohol. To further prove this, a ten year model research was conducted to find out about the relationship between alcohol consumption and the coping up with emotional distress. ...
Through the observation of ancestral and parental habits children pick up the influential practices. Research has shown that the relationship of drinking between parents and children is highly related (Herd 355).
Nowadays alcohol abuse and the excessive usage of it, are leading to deaths and society failure. This is either through the reckless driving after getting drunk or because of the after effects which are lethal to the consumer of alcohol. Today in the modern world governments are also taking strong measures to limit the usage of alcohol. These measures aim towards the reducing of alcohol related damages and harms. These different measures include the introduction of laws which are non alcohol friendly. While driving, drinking of alcohol has been strictly prohibited by some governments. The governments are providing the drivers with the required education so they can drive properly. A strong measure in this regard was taken by the U.S government in which they took strict action against those who had a previous record of reckless driving while getting drunk. Check posts were designed to look out for the people who drink alcohol. This in turn helped people in their real life to be careful of not being drunk while driving. This was an important step to control the number of accidents which occurred on the road. The availability of alcohol was made difficult by the governments by imposing taxes so that it is not cheaply and openly available. This discouraged the consumers of alcohol and thus was another big measure which helped to curb the problem of alcoholism. In the recent years many nongovernmental organizations are also working towards the cause. They help educating the people about the disadvantages and the proper use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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