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Should patients have choice - Essay Example

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Consumers are becoming more involved in their care. Over the past 30 years, sources of medical information have proliferated, and the population in the countries like United States and United Kingdom has become increasingly better educated about their health care options. …
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Should patients have choice
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Extract of sample "Should patients have choice"

Download file to see previous pages Consumers are becoming more involved in their care. Over the past 30 years, sources of medical information have proliferated, and the population in the countries like United States and United Kingdom has become increasingly better educated about their health care options. Medical suppliers, like pharmaceutical companies, are advertising directly to consumers, rather than to health professionals, since consumers are making more choices regarding their care and exerting greater influence on payers. The consumer movement in health care is still in its infancy, but the power that it will bring to bear on the system will be profound.The best way of providing a choice to the consumer or rather a patient is by listening to them and by offering them a choice to take their own decisions. This is possible only when an open communication is established. For instance, it is being noted in several cases, patients are no usually supported by physicians when they report their use of complementary medicine, and this makes patients reluctant to talk about their choices with physicians. Openness to patients choices can foster good communication between patients and their physicians enhancing trust. With open lines of communication, physicians also have the opportunity to provide warnings when they deem appropriate. The conversation should include the pragmatics of symptom relief, patients effort to research various therapies, patients feelings about therapies they are using or considering, patients decision making processes, and any possible interactions or harms.

Opening communication on complementary medicine between physician and

patients is important, but the findings have wider implication for communication between

patients and physicians (and other heath care providers). Advocates of patient-centered

communication between physicians and patients argue that physicians may pay attention

to the "voice of the life world," not just the "voice of medicine". A value-centered

approach to improving communication is in keeping with patient-centered approaches;

patients values become central to negotiating a successful partnership. Many studies have

demonstrated that communication between patients and physicians is often unsatisfactory

to both. Patients and physicians values often do not match, making communication and

the accomplishment of treatment goals difficult. In value-centered communication,

patients and physicians would focus on building communication practices on a

foundation of recognized, discuss, and, ideally, shared values.

It is to be noted that any communication is good

communication where the both the parties involve actively participate. It is not only the

duty of the physician to enhance the relationship with the patient by educating and

making them aware but also it lies with the patient to take ownership of their health, get ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Should Patients Have Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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