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Engaging With Vulnerable People - Case Study Example

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This essay addresses a single case study of Mrs. Manning who is an octogenarian and has been hospitalized for the treatment of a fracture on her arm. In this assisted home, she is vulnerable and the actions of the care takers distress her immensely. This type of case is not a rare one but in fact older people get hurt easily…
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Engaging With Vulnerable People
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Extract of sample "Engaging With Vulnerable People"

Download file to see previous pages Manning to highlight about the grave effects of being vulnerable. Here, Mrs. Manning has developed a problem of mental distress and the root cause of her problem lies in the staff that did not follow the NMC Codes of Conduct properly. Her condition proves to be a case of cognitive vulnerability. The fact that her daughter brings sin her favorite clothes shows her looks conscious nature which is the main cause of her vulnerability here. Therefore, we shall discuss about the concept of vulnerability, NMC codes of conduct and also the anti-discriminatory practice which could curb the ill-treatment of such patients.
The definitions of vulnerability is multidimensional, for instance, according to Gabor, "vulnerability has been referred to as a threat to which a community is exposed, taking into account not only the properties of the chemical agents involved but also the ecological situation of the community and the general state of emergency preparedness, at any point of time." (Ashbindu, n.d., 2). This definition by Gabor in 1979 has been summarized by the author, Ashbindu Singh. The other definition by Cutter in 1993 has also been observed as "Vulnerability as the likelihood that an individual or group will be exposed to and adversely affected by a hazard. It is the interaction of the hazards of the place, risk and mitigation with the social profile of the communities". (Ashbindu, n.d., 2). The concept of vulnerability deals with the social system and indeed it becomes a threat to human beings particularly the ones who are weak mentally and physically. Here, in this case study it focuses on an older woman who is susceptible to injuries and hence she needs a good supervision of a nurse. The mental distress which she is going through refers to the fact that more women are affected by mental disorders compared to men. (Agenda for research on women's health for the 21st century, n.d. p 47).
Mrs. Manning is vulnerable because it seems she is now being compelled to adapt herself in the environment of the hospital. The hospital staff has made her wear a uniform, which she does not like. She finds it uncomfortable about her hair being tied up in a ponytail gives her a different look. Here, psychologically she is challenged. She is depressed and not happy with her present appearance. She confides the fact to her daughter. Mrs. Manning suffers from depression and it has been revealed that women who undergo discrimination are depressed seven times more than men. (Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women, n.d.) The mental health problems are evident in the patients who are aged and they can confide their problems to the staff or any available service. (Ryan, & Pritchard, 2004. p 287) Mrs. Manning had not given her consent which highlights the fact that the staff had not mentioned to her about their decision. Consent of an individual is important as it involves decision making of an individual. (Bielby, 2008) Mrs. Manning cries and this proves that she was reluctant to wear that dress and she was forced to wear it. Appearance is an important factor but for some it also contributes to one's self-esteem. The fact that she was so sensitive about an issue as trivial as wearing a dress shows that she is in a very vulnerable condition and one has to be extremely careful in dealing with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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