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Drug abuse - Essay Example

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A recent National Institute on drug abuse report indicated that 80% had consumed alcohol. Although for some adolescents’ substance use may last for only a brief period of experimentation alcohol, use may lead to addiction. …
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Drug abuse
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Extract of sample "Drug abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Among youth alcohol consumption and academic performance are two inversely proportional variables. The increasing alcohol consumption value causes the immediate academic performances reduce. But here we have another problem: How can we operationally define and measure these two variables? Solving this problem gives us a prompt to break the dependence between these phenomena, and therefore decrease the level of alcohol consumption and improve academic performance. Any method of analysis must be based on statistical data. That’s why the first stage is gathering any kind of data (statistical, scientific, analytic, forecast) to create an adequate model, which correlates two main variables (alcohol consumption and academic performance) with the help of significant parameters. So, what kind of data can satisfy our goal, can be representative, objective and enough to create an exact, true and accurate model, which can give an opportunity to make a reasonable forecast in future?
Of course, such a kind of data should be gathered with the help of questionary. But there is a great variety of questionaries, which differs with size, questions, type, and canvass methods. Each questionary characteristics set is suitable for the certain problem.
certain problem.
In our case we definitely mustn't use a random sample of participants. Why Let's try to explain. We are to get a representative data set, which displays the behavior dependence between two groups of students: first - those, who have some problems with alcohol consumption; second - those, who have some problems with academic performance. It's absolutely clear, that we are not interested with random students, as many of them either have no problems at all, or have academic performance troubles, which are not connected with alcohol using (the reasons can be such as lack of spare time because of money earning, home troubles or something else). That's why all and sundry questioning can damage the representativeness of our data.
How many questions should our work sheet contain We are to understand, that we are going to work with people, who have problems. Some of them are afraid of being exposed, others are ashamed of their behavior, and some can be exasperated. These troubles require careful questionary preparations.
This is one of the most accurate and representative methods of investigating the relationship between two variables.
Now let's try to design an experimental study to investigate these variables. Firstly, about alcohol consumption.
Here we must clearly define this expression, as wrong idea can badly affect our experiment. Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by continuous or periodic: impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol use despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial. Brain damage is a common and potentially severe consequence of long-term, heavy alcohol consumption.
So, to provide an experiment with reasonable data we are to distinguish alcohol abuse from little and occasional relaxing alcohol doses. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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However, it is easier for modeling when we take the value of ‘n’ as ‘e’1 because for simplifying exponential equation it is easier to take the value of ‘n’ as ‘e’. this type of exponential equation is called as “natural exponential equation”2 and can be written as :

The above equation is a natural exponential equatio...
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The statistics also indicate that the total number of deaths was 12,941 with the white population encompassing 11,595 and the black 1 162. These statistics show that the rate of birth is higher than the rate of deaths i.e. 10.4% to 9.7%.
The county government enhances the health of the residents, including the youth through collaborating with the health care providers and other organizations involved in catering for the welfare of the community. According to (2012), some of the health care services provided by hospitals to the county residents include Acute Care, Proprietary, emergency service, and veterans administration. The social welfare is enhanced by non-governmental organizations, especially those involved...
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