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French Cuisine - Assignment Example

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The paper “French Cuisine” seeks to evaluate the cuisine in France, which is a reflection of its culture, perfection attained through unhurried attention. Food without wine, not in France! France pours wine into the food as well as uses wine to accompany the food…
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French Cuisine
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Download file to see previous pages The films are noted for their poignant dramas and clever comedies, for their great taste in cinematography and editing and overall have less violence and cynicism from their American counterparts. France is supposed to churn out the most number of films after the USA and India. Unfortunately, France has over protected and over subsidized its films in the name of preserving culture and this has kind of backfired for the French film industry. Due to their restrictions, many a film has lost its ability to be visible to worldwide audiences. Many French films are sold to American producers and turned into American films. “Three men and a Baby” is the American version of a French film " Trois Hommes " but the American version is more action-packed, more cynical rather than the French version which is more light and down to earth. “ March of the Penguin ", by Luc Jacquet on the life of the giant Antarctic penguin was a huge success in the USA in 2005 and a box office topper as well. But the original version". If shopping is your domain, then France, and of course, Paris beckons you! Paris is the fashion capital of the world and is a prime destination for buyers from all over the world. Apart from designer clothes for which it is famous, special purchases will include, lace, crystal glass, cheeses, coffee and, of course, wines, spirits, and liqueurs. Arques, the home of Crystal D’Arques, is famous for its crystals and Lille, the main town of French Flanders, is known for particularly fine lace. Hypermarkets, enormous supermarkets that sell everything from foodstuffs and clothes to hi-fi equipment and furniture, are widespread in France. They tend to be situated just outside of town and all have parking facilities. For the French, going to the market is a pleasure. Nothing surprising in that, as there is always a happy mix of colors and smells.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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French Cuisine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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