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Personal Diet and Activity Plan - Essay Example

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The following two pages of literature discuss my personal plans to improve upon my health and my physical well being. I have learned through this course that dedication and willingness by the individual is necessary to achieve desired results following a personal diet and activity plan…
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Personal Diet and Activity Plan
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Extract of sample "Personal Diet and Activity Plan"

Running head: PERSONAL DIET Personal Diet and Activity Plan You're The following two pages of literature discuss my personal plans to improve upon my health and my physical well being. I have learned through this course that dedication and willingness by the individual is necessary to achieve desired results following a personal diet and activity plan. I conclude with pointing out what my long term goals are and how I am going to encourage myself to stay on a path that will allow me to have a good quality of life and feel good about myself as well.
Personal Diet and Activity Plan
Proper diet and exercise is imperative to have in life if one is going to feel totally complete, in a positive way, about their inner self and outward appearance to themselves and to others in society as well. In order to stay focused on a diet plan one has to have the drive and dedication to make a difference in their life which is something that I have learned through this class. I have adapted to the facts that I have to set personal goals for myself in order to achieve the desired results I would like to see both physically and mentally in my body.
The Three Most Important Points of Knowledge on Nutritional Habits I have Acquired
I have definitely learned that the nutritional choices I make can either make me feel proud of myself for following a proper nutrition plan or they can make me feel very negative if I choose the wrong types of food for consumption. Not only do the wrong food choices make all the difference in a person's well being but the time of day that a person eats, the quantity, and where it comes from matters as well. For instance, I've found that I do better if I have foods that are packed with a lot of the essential vitamins that my body needs rather than grabbing a croissant on my way to class in the mornings. If I eat a healthy bagel with a small amount of cream cheese on top and a glass of orange juice then I have more energy and I feel far healthier than eating something from a fast food restaurant.
Also, I've learned that when I feel low on energy grabbing a candy bar and quickly drinking a cup of coffee or getting a coke from the vending machine is not the proper answer. It is far better for me to get a granola bar and have a glass of apple juice because these keep my energy reserves built up where as coffee and candy only deplete my energy quicker and I crash from exhaustion far more than if I don't go this route nutrition wise.
My Implemented Plan to Maintain a Healthy Weight
In order for me to be able to maintain a healthy weight I have devised my own personal way of meeting my goals. I have calculated that applying at least an hour of exercise into my daily agenda will help me to burn the excess calories that I find I consume while running errands or studying late. Also, I minimized sweets and am now only allowing myself one candy bar or sweet item a week. I still allow for granola bars and light snack bars at times but I have incorporated more fruits and vegetables into my diet plan. Also, I have switched from eating white bread to going to all wheat. This cuts down on the amount of sugar I am getting from bread alone. So I would assume that the plan I have chosen would be a moderate one with light exercise, no aerobics needed, and properly managing the foods that I eat, specifically targeting my intake of sugar and bread products.
The Desired Outcomes
I think if my family see's me changing my own eating habits and exercising more regularly then it will encourage them to do the same things. Also, the food that is brought into the home will be different so this will allow for other family members to see that there are healthier choices to choose from which have just as good of taste quality or even better. Eliminating junk food I think is a good idea for not only myself but for those I care about so if I don't buy it then it won't be there to digest. Also, since my plan includes cooking with healthier oils, less fried foods and more baked ones, and a lot more fruits and vegetables then everyone is going to benefit, not only myself. This is a very positive attribute of this plan because it can change people's lives that I care about as well.
Following a personalized diet and activity plan is not as hard as some people make it out to be. I feel very strongly that I can stick to my regimented plan due to the will power and the dedication I have within myself to make this possible. For other members of my family, of course it is going to be up to them to take up this initiative so they can feel better about themselves as well. Good nutrition and proper exercise can improve the quality of life! Read More
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