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Tropical Medicine - Essay Example

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Tropical medicine is concerned mainly with a number of parasitic and other infectious diseases that are responsible for major health problems in low-income tropical countries. For example, malaria causes one million deaths per year, mostly in children under five in Africa…
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Tropical Medicine
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Extract of sample "Tropical Medicine"

Download file to see previous pages Fifteen million poor people in 73 countries suffer from gross enlargement of the limbs, a symptom of chronic filarial disease (Thomson, G. 2006a).
Tropical medicine has become famous during the 19th and 20th century. Europe and North America was also affected by the tropical disease in the 20th century. In the summer of 1793 an epidemic of yellow fever forced the United States government to relocate from Philadelphia to New York. Tropical medicine was established by colonial powers, the England, France and the Netherlands to protect citizens in the colonies. Later on the concern was spread out reaching the tropic in protecting the citizen from the colonies. The trend increased dramatically with the independence of the former colonies in the 1960s.(Thomson, G.2006b).
Travel medicine, a branch of tropical medicine, continues the focus on the health of outsiders visiting the tropics. International health considers the broader questions that concern populations of the tropics, focusing on health and development, rather than the treatment of individual cases of particular diseases. Clinical tropical medicine is a subspecialty of infectious diseases dealing with selected parasitic and fewer bacterial (e.g., leprosy) and viral (e.g., yellow fever) pathogens. Outside tropical regions, clinical tropical medicine is mainly the concern of travel medicine and infectious disease specialists. Within the tropics, tropical medicine is for the most part indistinguishable from general medicine (Thomson, G.2006b). Because of the increasing number of person being afflicted with such disease the tropical medicine has become famous in the mid 19th century up to the 20th century. Vaccines and other safety measures are developed including the personal hygiene to prevent in acquiring such disease.
What were some of the problems these new specialists had
to face
Since tropical diseases are usually caused by organisms that are not usually seen in the naked eye, anyone who had an exposure to it will surely have a tropical disease. This is one of the problems that they encounter during the development of the tropical medicine. Bacteria and viruses usually cause these diseases. Another more complex organism that causes these diseases is called parasites. Since they usually live or developed in a temperate climate zones, the only prevention a person can do is to be clean. Bacteria and other pathogens are present anytime anywhere. Proper hygiene is one of the most effective ways in preventing the disease. Others would have a vaccine to make sure that the bacteria or viruses present in the environment would not affect him. Poverty problems are one of the main causes of negligence in the said diseases. The health problems facing resource poor countries result more from socioeconomic conditions than specific ecological conditions. Even epidemiological changes in some of the classic tropical diseases, such as resurgent trypanosomiasis in east or central Africa or, recently, yellow fever in Kenya, may stem more from poverty or civil strife than from biological factors alone
How did exploration and travel in various parts of the world
create new challenges for western medicine, not only 100 years ago, but today as well
The fight for the tropical diseases has been increasing worldwide. Asians and other countries who are susceptible to such diseases are being given vaccines and proper hygiene educated to prevent the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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