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Aging skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol imbalance and aging skin - Research Paper Example

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The skin is the biggest and most complex body organ; it functions as both the physical and biochemical obstruction that defends humans from loss of water and also other pathogens from the surrounding environment like chemicals, physical agents and solar ultraviolet radiations…
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Aging skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol imbalance and aging skin
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Extract of sample "Aging skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol imbalance and aging skin"

Download file to see previous pages The skin is the biggest and most complex body organ; it functions as both the physical and biochemical obstruction that defends humans from loss of water and also other pathogens from the surrounding environment like chemicals, physical agents and solar ultraviolet radiations. There are several factors that are associated with ageing of the skin and these include stress, exposure to sunlight and diet. Cortisol, which is the hormone released by the body when stressed has been identified as a hormone that accelerated skin aging.(Copinschi 1997) Although aging is a natural progression of things, premature aging is not. Dealing with premature aging involves controlling both the internal and external factors of the body that contribute to premature aging. This paper looks into details how stress, cortisol imbalance and chronic fatigue relate to aging and how natural supplements can be used as an intervention to premature aging. Skin aging There are two types of skin aging: intrinsic skin aging and extrinsic skin aging. Intrinsic skin a aging is as a result of the natural progression of aging while the latter is as a result of external factors. Intrinsic aging initiate in the early 20s when collagen and elastin production in the skins slows down. The signs of intrinsic aging progress slowly and may not be visible for several decades. Some of the signs of intrinsic aging include fine wrinkles, thinning skin, loss of the fat underlying the skin, graying hair, dry itchy skin and thinning of nails. Individuals with Werner’s syndrome show signs of aging earlier than the normal person (Altemus et al 2010). Their hair turns grey when they are still teens and they look elderly when in their 30s. They may even show cataracts during their 20s. Extrinsic aging takes place when the factors causing natural aging combine with other external factors leading to premature aging of the skin. The damaging effect of the sun rays is a major external factor causing premature aging in combination of other factors such as stress, smoking, repetitive facial expression, gravity; sleep positions and excessive taking of alcohol. Cortisol and Stress Cortisol is a hormone that is that is produced by the body and is responsible for the release of the hormone adrenaline. Cortisol when produced in the right amount is good for the body as it enables a person to react appropriately to stressful situation. However, when it is produced in excess amount amounts, it causes premature aging and may cause chronic illness at advanced ages. Excess cortisol is produced when a person is under excessive stress. A person gets stressed when they find themselves in situations where they are not control. Such cases are bound to come up in everyday life as a it is not possible to be in control of everything at work, at home or even in school. However, how a person reacts to the daily stresses determine the amount of cortsol that the body produces. Cortisol is produced by the body in large amounts in the morning as it provides the body with energy to get one through the day. By evening the level of cortisol is expected to reduce by ninety percent However, today people are producing more cortisol than before. This is because they work for longer hours than before. Modern technology has blurred the line between working hours and leisure time. People still take their work home. The working mothers are also seen to produce a high level of cortisol. This is because they have a day time job and still have to perform their home duties after work. Excess production of cortosol causes the degradation of skin collagen ten times that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Aging Skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol Imbalance and Aging Skin Research Paper)
Aging Skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol Imbalance and Aging Skin Research Paper.
“Aging Skin - stress,chronic fatigue,cortisol Imbalance and Aging Skin Research Paper”, n.d.
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