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Effect of different exercise durations on arterial stiffness - Research Paper Example

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Effect of Different Exercise Durations on Arterial Stiffness Institution Effect of Different Exercise Durations on Arterial Stiffness Arterial stiffness is an established cardiovascular risk factor. Research indicates that consistent aerobic exercises are associated with decreased arterial stiffness…
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Effect of different exercise durations on arterial stiffness
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Extract of sample "Effect of different exercise durations on arterial stiffness"

Download file to see previous pages Even with remarkable and continued reduction in mortality rates arising from cardiovascular disease, the intensity of the problem is still on the rise. Arterial stiffness is a condition that arises as a result of growing old and atherosclerosis. The 2 significant causes of death in the developed world include myocardial infarction and stroke (Laurent, 2006). These diseases are in consequence of atherosclerosis and advanced arterial stiffness which is linked to an advanced risk of cardiovascular occurrence. The blood circulation relies on how the heart contracts. When the heart contracts it creates a pulsation or energy waves that travel via the circulation. The velocity of pulsation waves affects the stiffness of the arteries. There are other terminologies used to describe the mechanical features of arteries which involve arterial elasticity of the reversed alternative which is the arterial compliance. Arterial stiffness is a developing problem connected with advanced risk of cardiovascular occurrence, dementia and loss of life (Zoungas, & Asmar, 2007). Reduced compliance of the core vasculature varies the arterial pressure and the flow patterns and affects the cardiac functioning and the coronary perfusion (Covic, Gusbeth-Tatomir & Goldsmith, 2005). Patients with end stage renal diseases managed by persistent dialysis have remarkable mortality where above 50% of this mortality is related to cardiovascular disease (Foley, Parfrey & Sarnak, 1998). In spite of stratification for sex, race and the incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular mortality is 10-30 times advanced in dialysis patients when measured up to wide-ranging population (Foley et al., 1998). In dialysis patients, equally atherosclerosis which influences the intima of the arteries and arteriosclerosis that have an effect on the media of large and middle sized arteries diffusely are favorably outstanding. Arteriosclerosis which is typified by decreased arterial compliance for instance decreased arterial elasticity is as a result of advanced fibrosis, damage of elastic fibers and massive vessel wall calcification (Gusbeth-Tatomir & Covic, 2007). Arteriosclerosis is strongly connected with arterial stiffness. A commonly known mechanistic view is that an advance in arterial stiffness leads to early return of reproduced waves in late systole, advancing core pulsing pressure, consequently systolic (Covic et al., 2007). An advanced arterial stiffness can lead to advanced risk of stroke via a number of mechanisms. This include an advance in central pulsing pressure, having an effect on arterial reproducing equally at the site of extra cranial and intra cranial arteries. Additionally, it intensifies wall width and the development of stenosis and plaques and a probability of plaque opening. It is also scientifically proven that arterial stiffness separately plays a significant role in aggravating recurring kidney disease progression. There are several transformations and treatment procedures that help decrease arterial stiffness which entail weight loss, exercises, cutting back salt, reducing alcohol intake, neuroendocrine directed treatments, for instance the ones that target the rennin antiogensin aldosterone system, natriuretic peptides, insulin modulators, in addition to simple treatments that are intended for increased glycation end products. This paper focuses on effect of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effect of Different Exercise Durations on Arterial Stiffness Research Paper.
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