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Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cells to Liver Cells - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Effective method of converting fat cells into liver cells For the opening, I began off with some overall background information as to what transdifferentiation entails. In Transdifferentiation: Flexibility in Cell Differentiation by Timothy Okada I learn about transdifferentiation…
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Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cells to Liver Cells
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Extract of sample "Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cells to Liver Cells"

Download file to see previous pages There are approximately 210 sorts of cell in a human body. Mainly all of them are what we call differentiated cells, each variety of which has a particular task and a specific appearance when viewed through a microscope. For instance the cells of the liver are well understood kinds of differentiated cell. The differentiated kind of a cell belongs to relies on which specific genes are active in its nucleus, and consequently of proteins that are produced. This on the other hand, explains the kind of cell. The whole unit of genes found in the cell nucleus is known as the genome. Conversely, undifferentiated cell is one that does not have apparent specialization of gene appearance. Differentiated cells are, by explanation, detached and continuous. A cell condition might not be consistent, it can be very short lived, and evolve simultaneously into a distinct cell state. As a result I feel that it is essential to understand how the behavior and even the kind of a cell lineage can be drastically transformed. However, a lot of financing and time goes into discovering how to accomplish these objectives, as greater regulation over cells creates new outlooks in medicine (Okada 70).  To begin my research process I began with the history of transdifferentiation since I have very little knowledge about the process and need to get the details and history on it. I began with a search on Google books on the internet to find some background information about the matter. a search on the Stanford School of Medicine on the internet to look for some background data on efficient method for converting fat cell to liver cells, and found an article that had incredibly all information I would require for this project. In Transdifferentiation Flexibility in Cell Differentiation I found out what transdifferentiation is all about. In Researchers Demonstrate Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cell to Liver Cell by Bruce Goldman, I found that scientists for the first time have converted normal fat cells into functional liver tissues without utilizing an intermediate pluripotent stem cell condition, and how this could initiate a terrific stride forward in the field of regenerative medicine by producing more dependable replacement organs. Bruce Goldman gives detailed background information concentrating on how researchers discovered that adipose stem cells from human liposuction aspirates and turned into human, liver-lie cells that thrived inside the mice’s bodies.  He uses solid facts and statistical information to demonstrate to us how the researcher’s discovery will assist the United States in producing organs by the use of reliable method. This will consequently reduce the number of people who die from liver related complications. Goldman shares the background about this method in which the Stanford University School of Medicine scientists have come up with a rapid, effective means to reproduce cells extracted from routine liposuction into liver cells with large capacity for regenerative medicine. Goldman goes on to mention other methods of converting liposuction-derived adipose cells to liver-like cells for induced hepatocytes, and spherical culture (Goldman 1). I most largely concentrated on the new fat-to-liver method, Goldman (1) also goes on to talk about how acute liver failure acetaminophen alone takes approximately 500 lives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Efficient Method for Converting Fat Cells to Liver Cells Research Paper.
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