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Final report - Assignment Example

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Tobacco Cessation Training Program Name: Institution: Tobacco Cessation Training Program Implementation of tobacco cessation programs as one of the major public health preventive measures has gained limited success in reducing the number of people involved in the smoking habit and at risk of diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and heart diseases as well as dental conditions (Lee et al., 2011)…
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Final report
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Extract of sample "Final report"

Download file to see previous pages In line with efforts to enhance the effectiveness and outcomes of tobacco cessation programs, researchers have proposed several measures among them creation of education and creation of awareness among individuals willing to quit the behavior. As such, the practicum was intended to increase the content of existing tobacco cessation programs through inclusion of an education, training, and awareness creation component to boost participation and the eventual outcomes of the programs. Previous studies have suggested that limited content in the existing tobacco cessation programs contribute to poor participation and outcomes ( Ask. Advise. Refer. Org, n.d). Lack of education on the potential health risks associated with tobacco use, poor training on ways of quitting the habit and lack of support from health professional in the public health sector significantly influences the capacity of the affected people to participate in the such programs as well as the ability to successfully quit the habit. Problem Statement The main problem leading to the study was identified as the continued limited impact of tobacco cessation programs in reducing tobacco use and helping individual willing to quit the habit to do so as result of lack education on potential health risks, poor training, and poor perception about the programs. Evaluation of existing tobacco use cessation programs revealed that limited participation and poor outcomes could be attributed to lack of education on the health risks associated with the habit, poor perceptions about the programs at the community level, inadequate training on quitting strategies and insufficient support from the healthcare practitioners. Objectives and Goals The main objective in the project was to evaluate the suggested impact of including a component of educating individuals willing to stop using tobacco on their perception and participation in tobacco cessation programs. The goal was to demonstrate the importance of sufficient content in achieving improved participation and outcomes of tobacco cessation programs. Review Research has shown that the commitment by individuals willing to stop using tobacco is significantly influenced by inadequate awareness and education about the health risks associated with tobacco use as well as poor training (Qidwai, 2004). The content of cessation tobacco cessation programs influence the successful implementation and outcomes of such programs. Most of these programs are focused on initiating behavior change by encouraging tobacco users to quit the habit without emphasizing on the benefits accrued from the behavior change. In addition, lack of awareness about the existence of community based tobacco cessation programs has also significantly undermined participation and outcomes of such programs. Poor perception about the cessation programs has also emerged as a major barrier to the participation in the programs (Bolly, Lovato, & Murphy, 2006). Despite the desire among many smokers to quit the habit, poor perceptions such as the view of the programs as meant for addicts and social misfits continue to discourage many from participating in the programs. According to Martin, Bruskiewitz and Chewning (2010), Tobacco uses must understand the potential oral health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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