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Tobacco Use Cessation Program Local Community Hospital Practicum Preceptor’s Name: Faculty Advisor: Faculty Practicum Proposal Problem Statement Several tobacco cessation programs have been implemented but with limited success due to different barriers including poor perception about the programs, limited knowledge on the effects of tobacco use to oral health and inadequate training…
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Practicum proposal
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Tobacco Use Cessation Program Local Community Hospital Practicum Preceptor’s Faculty Advisor: Faculty of Submission: Practicum Proposal Problem Statement Several tobacco cessation programs have been implemented but with limited success due to different barriers including poor perception about the programs, limited knowledge on the effects of tobacco use to oral health and inadequate training. With the efforts put towards promoting tobacco cessation programs far from achieving the intended goals, researchers continue to explore ways that can increase the number of people participating in such programs as well as improving the outcomes of cessation programs (Qidwai, 2004). One of key barriers to better tobacco cessation program outcomes revolves around limited content in most programs translating to poor participation for lack of knowledge, training, and support (Ask. Advise. Refer. Org, n.d). Although a high number of tobacco users are willing to quit, lack of training and education on the impact of their habit on their oral health and limited support derail their commitment to quit the habit. As such, this paper entails development of a training program for volunteer tobacco users willing to quit the habit. The program introduces the component of creating awareness on the effects of tobacco use to oral health among the volunteer participants. This will then be followed by a survey to evaluate the patients’ full perspective of the tobacco cessation program. The program evaluation will entail the use questionnaires to determine changes in perspective about tobacco cessation program and knowledge about the adverse effects of tobacco use. The evaluation process will make use of questionnaires and tests aimed at testing the knowledge provided to the volunteers and their perception about their participation in the various tobacco cessation programs. Topic / Project and Anticipated Outcome The proposed project topic is a training program for volunteer tobacco users willing to quit the habit to complement existing tobacco cessation programs through increase in the awareness about the adverse effects of tobacco to individual oral health. The project will entail the use diagrams, brochures, and education as the main resources for achieving the anticipated goals. The anticipated outcome is change of perspective on the tobacco cessation program as a way of increasing participation in the program and better cessation outcomes. Brief Rationale The project will be important in addressing the problem of lack of knowledge or awareness about the effects of tobacco use on the oral health of an individual as one of the key barriers to the success of tobacco cessation programs. Tobacco users need to understand the negative effects of tobacco use on oral health in order to realize the importance of participating in tobacco cessation programs to help them quit the unhealthy habit (Martin, Bruskiewitz & Chewning, 2010). Information about the effect of tobacco use to oral health needs to be provided through materials that are easy and interesting to read among the patients such as the use of diagram and brochures. The use of diagrams demonstrating the different ways in which tobacco use affect the human system such as the effect on the teeth, the esophagus, the bronchi and the lungs will enable users under the suffering they may have to go through if they continue with using tobacco. Understanding of the negative implications on the wellbeing of patients will serve as a motivation towards participation in the tobacco cessation programs and commitment to quit the habit (Bolly, Lovato & Murphy, 2006). Learning Objectives The objective of this project is to evaluate the impact of training and educating program on patients’ perspective on the tobacco cessation program. One of the learning objective is to enable health care practitioners understand the importance of adequate content in a health promotion program The project provides an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge acquired from the coursework The professional objective is to utilize resources such as diagrams, brochures and patient education to create awareness about a health problem before implementing a health promotion program. From a professional point of view, the project provides an opportunity to evaluate the success of a health promotion program (Martin, Bruskiewitz & Chewning, 2010). Performance Objectives The university provides students with all materials and funding required in the carrying out of the project. The institution will sponsor the project to provide students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned throughout their course work. The Institution will also provide all equipments and material required to train and educate the patients. The university will also provide staff to supervise the execution of the project from planning through implementation to the evaluation phase. However, there will be need to collaborate with a community hospital from patients willing to quit tobacco use can be identified, trained and evaluated by the student. In this case, the community hospital will provide the venue for training the patients. A Brief Review The proposed project seeks to determine the importance of training programs with main component as education in the successful implementation of health promotion programs such as the tobacco use cessation program. This project proposal is indeed an important aspect in public health especially in the implementation of public health promotion programs as some of the effective strategies for preventing preventable health conditions and promoting the wellbeing of the public. Lack of training, knowledge and support has been identified as some of the major barriers in the success of tobacco cessation programs (Bolly, Lovato & Murphy, 2006). The perspective formed by patients on the tobacco use cessation programs is significantly influenced by the level of awareness about the adverse effects of smoking to an individual’s health. Proposed Method The training of the patients on the effects of tobacco use to oral health will be achieved through the use of diagrams, brochures and verbal education. The researchers will use diagrams to demonstrate to the patients how tobacco affects the different parts of the oral system including the lungs and other vital organs in the body system. Brochures specifically designed to deliver important information in an interesting and easy form will be distributed to the group of patients recruited to participate in the training program for those willing to participate in the tobacco use cessation program and quit its use. The training program will take a period of two weeks, after which the perspective of the participants on the tobacco cessation program will be evaluated. From this point those willing to commit themselves to participate in such programs will recommended to the available cessation programs. MPH-D Competencies list Design and conduct population-based studies to answer oral and public health questions Implement, manage, and develop resources for oral health programs for populations Communicate and collaborate with groups and individuals on oral health issues References Ask. Advise. Refer. Org. (n.d). Tobacco cessation protocols for the dental practice. Ask. Advise. Refer. Org. Retrieved from Bolly, K., Lovato, C., & Murphy, C. (2006). Training in tobacco cessation counseling for medical, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy students: Environmental Scan and Recommendations. The Canadian Public Health Association. Retrieved from Martin, B., Bruskiewitz, R., & Chewning, B. (2010). Effects of a tobacco cessation continuing professional education program on pharmacists’ confidence, skills, and practice-change behaviors. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, 50 (1), 9-16. Qidwai, W. (2004). Barriersto smoking cessation: Results of a survey among family practice patients. Middle East Journal of Family Medicine, 5(5), 1-12. Read More
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Practicum Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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