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The Dangers Associated With Marijuana Use - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Marijuana is a drug from the cannabis plant, which is used and consumed both medically and for leisure. As a recreational drug, it is used to bring mild euphoria and ease the straining of the brain and mind…
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The Dangers Associated With Marijuana Use
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Download file to see previous pages Medically marijuana can be consumed due to its ability to ameliorate nausea and vomiting. It is also used to stimulate hunger to cancer patients during chemotherapy and general analgesic effects as a pain reliever (Iversen, p12-16). Consumption or use of Marijuana may take several different forms depending on the intention. For psychoactive purpose it may involve smoking or drinking associated with dried flowers, kief and hashish whereas for the medicinal purpose it is taken through ingestion of medically approved food products like hash oil, infused dairy butter and pipe resin. Despite the superficial analysis on the use and perceptions of marijuana, the drug use poses a lot of dangers both to the primary user and the secondary one. The effects on these dangers may vary depending with factors like how long has the drug been used by the individual, his/her age of debut, the level of addiction, social and cultural background and the biological and genetic organization of an individual. These dangers and the long term effects to an individual are witnessed irrespective of the time the drug is used. We shall analyze these dangers on the specific effects they have on the user. Health wise, marijuana is associated with development of several illnesses such as bipolar disorder which is a mental disease whereby the user experiences a frenzied maniac mood and mixed state of mental confusion and retention. These maniac mood swings and depressions are dangerous as they may cause one’s risk to others, involuntary commitments and suicidal ideation as a result of social stigma, stereotype and prejudice. Marijuana also averts someone’s concentration to an activity and low mood affecting someone’s feelings, behavior, wellbeing and thoughts. Depending with the length of time used and genetical structure of the user this can result to anxiety, guilt hopelessness and restlessness. These disorders affect the normal functioning of the body and daily activities of a person which in turn affects sleep patterns, eating habits, rejuvenation of the body and control. These hormonal and psychological imbalances affect productivity and health (Carter, p23-25). Marijuana is highly associated with cardio vascular or commonly known as heart diseases which are not only life threatening but economic burden to the user and society. They are of different types such as coronary heart diseases which affects the cardiac artery, cardiomyopathy which is the disease of the cardiac muscle, heart failure and other complications of the heart beat rhythm and blood circulation. Cardiovascular diseases are statistically the number one killer diseases in the world generally referred to as strokes and heart attacks. Marijuana is highly associated with the development of major cancer diseases of the human race. Its nicotine content is believed to accelerate the growth of carcinogens which are the causative agents. These cancers vary from throat, lung and other chest complications. Cancer is among the five global killer diseases posing a great danger of the human health and thus need to avoid use of marijuana to control and minimize the deaths caused by these diseases (Ra?tsch, p16). Although scientists argue that Marijuana taken in small quantities has no adverse effects on the pulmonary function of the body, there is significance association of the smokers with pulmonary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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