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Diabetic patients with depression - Dissertation Example

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Abstract Diabetes has become one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. Its impact has also been considered significant due to its impact on the quality of life of the diabetic patient. Depression is one of the psychological issues suffered by patients with diabetes, especially as they have difficulties in coping with the changes in the quality of their life, and have to bear the physical impact of the disease…
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Diabetic patients with depression
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Extract of sample "Diabetic patients with depression"

Download file to see previous pages In principle, the higher risk of type 2 diabetes among depressed patients is suggested to be caused by elevated counter regulatory hormone release and action, including changes in glucose transport functions, as well as elevated immunoinflammatory activation. The biological changes seem to impact on insulin resistance as well as beta islet cell dysfunction, which later causes the development of the diabetes. For patients suffering from major depression, researchers were able to establish an increased accumulation of visceral fat. Based on these findings, treatment for both depression and diabetes covers a multidisciplinary and rich treatment which seeks to combine pharmacological, psychological, as well as combined therapies. These treatments seek to prevent one disease leading to the other or worsening the other, with the end goal of ensuring patient-centered care and improved general patient outcomes. Chapter Three: Management and Treatment of diabetic patients with depression A qualitative study sought to evaluate the various psychosocial tools seen through nine primary care clinics (Gask,, 2006). The analysis indicated that various resources, including motivational interviewing and other therapeutic models may be effective in the management of diabetes and depression. Various interventions are available to health practitioners in the management of depression and some of these remedies have been evaluated in relation to patients with diabetes. 3.1 Negative impact of depression on diabetic patients The impact of depression on diabetic patients has been discussed above. Specifically though, the impact of depression on diabetic patients mostly relates to self-care behavior. Depression often causes an individual to not care anymore about his or her body and of taking the necessary precautions to manage his or her disease. The depressed patient is likely to manifest poor compliance with medications and self-care behavior, including diet and exercise. The motivation to get well is low for depressed patients, thereby affecting his health outcomes and behavior. The management of both diseases for patients is a difficult undertaking and it mostly involves the implementation of combined therapies which would provide pharmacological and therapeutic remedies for the affected patients. 3.2 Management of Depression in Diabetic Patients Integrated management Bogner and colleagues (2012) discussed that applying an integrated management of type 2 diabetes and depression was more likely to produce lower HbA1c levels, 7% lower than levels seen in patients receiving usual care. This group (Bogner et al. 2012) also emphasizes the bidirectional association between depression and diabetes mellitus. This would mean that depression can cause diabetes and vice versa, mostly due to the unmanaged and inadequately managed symptoms of either disease (Ragland, et al. 2010). Various studies also indicate that primary care interventions have been known to improve diabetes and depression health outcomes. These interventions refer to integrated care applied to improve the quality of care, the quality of life, and the efficiency of the system for patients having complex and long-term issues using multiple services and settings (Kodner and Spreeuwenberg, 2002). Bogner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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