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Completion of Yellow Prescription Form in a Clinic File - Essay Example

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In order to ensure that ABC Clinic yellow prescription forms were appropriately completed, a compliance test was carried out with certain provisions of laws and regulations. This was necessary because, in every health institution, patients are usually given prescriptions that are followed while undergoing treatment…
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Completion of Yellow Prescription Form in a Clinic File
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Extract of sample "Completion of Yellow Prescription Form in a Clinic File"

Download file to see previous pages In the health sector, most deaths are caused by errors that occur as patients undertake their medication. Research has indicated that more than 10% of the deaths occur because of patients not follow the doctor’s prescriptions. The health organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) were forced to come together and form a scientific paper that would offer a proposal to enhance the well being of the patients. They achieved this by ensuring that the patients get proper prescriptions that were brief and accurate. In order to ensure that medical institutions executed this requirement, an audit was carried out for the ABC Clinic for four months. The audit was conducted in accordance with the acceptable health guidelines of the United States of America. The audit entailed the completion of yellow prescription form in clinic file for CAM treatment (herbal medicine), and other procedures that were regarded as important in the circumstances.
In carrying out the audit on the prescription yellow forms, the audit aimed at ensuring the accuracy of information provided and use the same as a benchmark to ensure that the prescription met the required standards. The audit also aimed at ensuring that; the requirements for completion of the forms was reduced , most vital parts that had to be filed were identified, and to ensure that good medical practices were met ( Cascarino & Van esch, 2007). 3. Audit Criteria During the audit, the clinic was found to have a proper information system (Dauber, 2009). There were numerous prescription yellow forms, which were an indicator that the clinic had a well defined record keeping system. For convenience in our audit, a sample of 42 form samples was picked. Out of the 42 form samples, only2 samples had the CODE filled in. In terms of distinction of the forms, there were no clear distinction since the forms of the students and patients were similar in terms of color, thus making it possible for the forms to be easily mixed. The only distinction between the two forms was that the student sample contains fewer details. However, there was an affirmation by the dispensing stuff that in the absence of patients’ forms, the student’s forms were used for patients (Conrick, 2001) It was also evident that the names of the herbs were neither written in full nor in Latin. This implied that the medical officers wrote in their local language. The proportions and types of herbs were either missing or recorded in the wrong place. For instance FE ‘fluid extract’, essential oil, infused oil. In the forms, there were five signatures that were required, but all were not signed always. This called for a discussion as to whether or not the qualified staff, that gave the prescription were be assessed by other people. The prescription form had a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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wolfcoralie added comment 1 year ago
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At first, I thought 8 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the difficulty of the topic. I’ve read all at once. Wonderful example

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