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Politics of the Clinton Health Plan - Research Paper Example

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Politics of the Clinton Health Plan Name: Institution: Date: 1. Pros and cons of the three approaches In the first approach, is advantageous to the beneficiaries as the small group selected would be a representation of the general public. This wound ensures the needs of the beneficiaries are addressed…
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Politics of the Clinton Health Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The second approach is an essential approach in its implementation. It is essential in that when it comes to soliciting funding, the various groups can easily aid in achieving such goals. It involves open minded groups as it constitutes different group form different departments. The groups are well organized with plenty of resources at their disposal. However, it has vast constraints as well. There is a possibility of reliance on them by an agency to develop and achieve their selfish gains. There are also chances that the groups that will be involved will most probably initiate policies that are in line with their claims. They also make it difficult for the supposed beneficiaries to directly benefit as they are perceived as the worst constituents of such groups. The third approach, the Clinton approach, this approach creates rationality in decisions making something that would enable the understanding of various policy proposals. In such an approach there is possibility of research coming from various dimensions including the most credible research sources. This is an integral approach in that it would involve both the most political feasible and the least political feasible. However, there are chances that the researches by the researchers would become self fulfilling prophecies in case they do not use the analyses wisely. 2. The map of bill Clinton authorizing environment for the health care reform In authorizing environment an independent health board would be created to certify the health insurance plans as well as establishing the basic services that would be covered by those plans. It will be mandatory for the employers to provide coverage to their full time employees. The employers would also be required to offer an insurance cover for the part time employees in form a of a business tax. The health insurance purchasing cooperatives would offer coverage for the business employees who have fewer than a hundred employees as well as those individuals who had not been covered through work or the federal entitlement programs, the health insurance purchasing cooperatives would chip in. business or people who opt for more expensive plans would have provide for the differences. 3. Policy streams Through the problem stream the problem that was existed was realized. This problem stream purports that the understanding of the people’s problems need to be supported by basic science (Curtis & Craig, 2000). This stream enables people to share a common definition of what a problem is. This thus opened an opportunity for health care reform after the individuals involves realized that there vast underlying issues in the health care that called for reformation. The policy stream enables the creation of credible and scientific technological solutions available to deal with the underlying issues. Through the political stream the problem was put on the agenda and served with the urgency and the seriousness it deserved. This created the need for the issue to deal with from a political perspective where it would be easier to reap the political benefits. The three streams created windows of opportunity assisting on whether the benefits or the costs of the policies are diffuse of concentrated. The streams were involved in the policy change process and in building collaboration across several policy arenas. During this period there was increased number of juridical disputes concerning the Clintons plan. This made it difficult for any kind of initiatives including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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